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Dog and cat in reindeer antlers and Santa hat, close-ups of dog's head and nose, with a knitted blanket in the frame.

Pet-Approved Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Cat or Dog


Everybody loves opening holiday presents—your pets included! Make shopping easy-peasy and add these perfect stocking stuffers for dogs and cats to add to your cart.

Feeder Toys

What they are: A treat-dispensing toy is the perfect way to turn your pet’s favorite treats into an absorbing enrichment activity! There are many styles of feeder toys, but the most common is a ball that you fill with treats or kibble which tumble out as your pet rolls, chases, and pounces on their new toy. You can find simple ones for beginner pets or more advanced versions for furry friends who have mastered the basics and are ready for a bigger challenge.

Who they’re perfect for: The pets who sit by your feet whining for treats as soon as they’re bored (and keep up the puppy dog eyes allllll afternoon).

Dog Chews

What they are: Some dogs just LOVE to lay down and gnaw on somethin’—and if you’ve got an aggressive chewer, you’ll know just how quickly typical treats will disappear down their gullet. Swap out risky rawhide chews (or worse, plastic toys that chip and break) for safe, durable dog chews that will last a long time even for tenacious munchers.

Who they’re perfect for: The dog who chewed through four dental chews, an “indestructible” dog toy, and a chair leg—all before breakfast.

Stuffed Toys

What they are: A good stuffed toy is a classic for dogs and cats alike (and if you ask our pets, they can never have enough)! A small toy mouse or catnip-stuffed soft toy makes a perfect cat stocking stuffer, while a bigger stuffed animal is a good kicker toy for feisty felines. Stuffed toys can be used as dog chew toys or cuddly companions for your pup to curl up with.

Who they’re perfect for: The pets who want to reenact their own nature documentary, hunting their prey and stashing it in the cat tree for later—or who’d just like a big teddy bear to snuggle with.

Meal Pouches

What they are: For the food-motivated pets out there, there’s no better gift than FOOD! While a 40 lb. bag of kibble might not fit in their Christmas stocking, a lil’ pouch of something savory will. Our chefs cooked up these uber-fresh, super meaty meals that have complete nutrition in a single, lightweight pouch. Try Feed Meow for cats (with functional benefits!) or Irresist-A-Bowls for dogs (homestyle hash without the DIY).

Who they’re perfect for: The pets who magically appear out of nowhere the second you sneak to the fridge for a midnight snack.

Rope Toys

What they are: Did someone say tug-of-war?! For pets who wanna wrestle every toy out of your hands, ropes are the way to go. Find ropes with handles for play sessions that are a little easier on your hands. There are also versions with suction cups that stick right to the floor so tenacious tuggers can tire themselves out without yanking your shoulder out of the socket. And of course, mini ropes shaped into candy canes are an obvious dog stocking stuffer choice!

Who they’re perfect for: The pets who use every toy (big and small) as a tool to pull you around like they’re a bucking bronco.

Pet Treats

What they are: If there’s one gift you can’t go wrong with, it’s TREATS! Whether you’re using them for training, games, or just because, every pet gets hyped when they hear the crinkle of the treat bag. Protein-rich, grain-free dog treats and cat treats will level up their treat time from a guilty pleasure to a snack you can feel good about!

Who they’re perfect for: The pets you’ve found with their head stuck in your chip bag—multiple times.

Laser Pointers

What they are: That little red dot has proven to be an irresistible target for cats and dogs alike! A handheld laser lets their wild chase take over the living room while you hardly have to move at all. If they just can’t get enough, an automated laser will let the games continue even when you’re kicking back for a well-deserved break.

Who they’re perfect for: The pets who will believe there’s no better form of entertainment than chasing a fly around the house for hours.

If there’s one thing we know about making the holidays go smoothly, it’s that getting your pets gifts of their own is a good idea! Trust us, you’ll be thankful that your energetic pet is busy trying to get treats out of their new toy when your mom is taking 3 hours to open all of her presents like a precision operation to avoid tearing the pretty paper.