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A dog sitting on a wood floor next to a bowl of food.

Ancient Grains Dog Food by Naked Essentials™

Not all grains are bad, friends. In addition to everything we love about Naked Essentials, we baked good-for-you grains like sorghum, oats, millet & quinoa into this kibble. That way your pup can enjoy lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. We’re here to help keep your pup’s heart health in tiptop shape.

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Silhouette of a dog with a bag of kibble labeled Naked Essentials Ancient Grains - Beef + Lamb.

Naked Essentials Ancient Grains - Beef + Lamb

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Silhouette of a dog with a bag of kibble, label, and sign in the image for Naked Essentials Ancient Grains - Chicken + Turkey.

Naked Essentials Ancient Grains - Chicken + Turkey

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Ancient Grains Dog Food by Naked Essentials™

Ancient Grains for Dogs

When it comes to what your dog eats, you want your dog to only eat food made from the best ingredients. *Cough, “I and love and you”, cough*. Ancient grains are perfect for giving your dog energy and nutrition without adding nasty filler content. Not only does it make our food healthier, but it also improves the overall taste and texture for your hungry pup. Your dog will love our ancient grains dog food for the taste and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they are getting all the nutrients that they need to become big and bad to the bone.

Are Ancient Grains Good for Dogs?

Ahhh, the age old question, “Are ancient grains good for dogs?”. We use ancient grains because they are healthier for dogs than other grain choices. Many plants have been modified through several methods of the past few centuries so that they are better for humans, but not necessarily better for dogs. Ancient grains have not changed much over those centuries, making them a healthier option to put in your dog’s food.

Ancient Grains vs Grain-Free Dog Food

Like us, you have likely seen the two major movements in the dog food world pushing for the use of ancient grains or grain-free dog food. Making a choice can be difficult because there is so much information out there. We are here to tell you that in the ancient grains vs. grain-free dog food battle royale, there really isn’t a fight to be had. 

So put the gloves down, because the choice is entirely up to you and your dog. Both options can be delicious and nutritious, so choose what’s best for your fur baby.