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Our vision of responsibility is a simple one. We created “I and love and you'' to simply be THE most trusted company to care for pets, their people and, most definitely, their planet.


We love pets. We love their people. And we love the planet.

You’re here reading this for the same reason we’re here saying this: your pet’s food choices matter. That’s why we are committed to making the healthiest pet food possible with the most positive impact on our environment as possible.

We’re dedicated to sustainability in the sourcing, production, and packaging of your pet’s food. And we know that the more care we take on our end, the more sunny days, cuddles and belly rubs you get to share with your favorite furry friend on your end.

"I and Love and You" PARTNERS

"I and Love and You" is proud to have partnered with these fine organizations to help foster our sustainability mission and reduce our carbon PawPrint.

"I and Love and You" Cares

Have we mentioned that we love pets? And for us, a big part of loving what we do is giving back to the community and supporting the pets who need it most.

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