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Tips for New Kitten and Cat Adoption

January 14, 2020

Tips for New Kitten and Cat Adoption

Who's Getting a Kitty? - YOU are!

Here kitty, kitty! So… you have the green light to get a kitten – WOOHOO! To make certain that your new little guy or lady is the happiest kitty on the block, be diligent about socializing him or her. This is especially important if you want one of those “dog-like” cats (i.e.: actually WANTS to come out of hiding when you walk in the house). Here’s a quick checklist of things you can do in the first few days of cat adoption to ensure a long future of snuggles and purrs.  

Give Your Kitten Their (Own) Space

When you bring home a kitten, they are going to be scared – it’s normal. New place (often much bigger than their box or cage), new smells, new world. Give them some space, in their own space. Consider a small room with a litter box, water, food and some toys. Cat adoption is all about making your new friend comfortable in their new home.

Speak Quietly and Tip-Toe

When approaching your new kitten, proceed slowly with a hushed tone. Big, booming voices or stomping are sources of more anxiety. Ease your kitty’s nerves by being sweet and caring. You can even drop down to all-fours so you aren’t towering over them quite as much. 

Let them Come to You

Everyone wants what they can’t have…and it turns out kittens are no exception. Rather than reach for them and make them come to you – wait for them to come to you. Don’t try too hard! Just sit and allow your kitten to come out from their hiding place. Cat adoption is a two-way relationship. Give them a chance to adopt you!

PLAY with them!

Kittens are not made of glass! They are cute, frisky, curious and full of life. Encourage their natural instincts and play with them! Create a fun environment with toys, climbing towers and treats when they follow your lead. Kitten-hood is a fun time – give them the space to enjoy it! 

Feed them with Love

Of course, you want your cat adoption to start out in the best way possible. This means starting with great nutrition. Without it, you may get a, “you gotta be kitten me!” side eye from your furball. (Sorry, we had to!) Protein content in your cat’s food should be at least 30% and the food should contain nutrients like prebiotics and probiotics and high-quality sources of good carbohydrates. Food is how you show pets love – be picky!

 Now that you know what to do in the first few days after cat adoption, LOVE THAT BABY! Here kitty, kitty – you social, well-adjusted kitty! 



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