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Pet Food by Pet Parents

Fillers are cheap ingredients companies use to bulk up their food bags while shoving more cash into their wallets. We don’t do that here. We left out corn, wheat, soy, and fillers like rice and white potatoes, and instead added nutrient-rich, easier-to-digest carbs like lentils, garbanzo beans and sweet potatoes. Drooling yet? (We were asking your cat not you.)

A happy tum means a happy bum. That’s why we pack our food with prebiotics and probiotics. They’re known to help digestion issues such as bad breath (gross), rumbling tummies (uh-oh), loose stools (not cute), or gas (happens to all of us). And our NUDE FOOD contains added digestive enzymes for the extra sensitive Carls and Phoebes of the world.

When we say we don’t have anything weird—we mean hard-to-pronounce, jargon-packed ingredients that don’t add value to your pet’s health. We fight to get the optimal combination of complete, whole-food nutrition, freshness, and primo ingredients your pets will wag over.

We’re in cahoots with top PhD pet nutritionists during every step of the product development process. Before anything hits shelves, we get a double thumbs up on every product from Dr. Angie Krause—a holistic and groovy vet located right here in Boulder, Colorado. We love Dr. Angie Krause because as a western trained veterinarian, her goal is to improve the health and longevity of dogs and cats with holistic medicine. Now that’s something we can get behind.

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