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Cat Age Chart: Calculate Your Cats Age In Human Years

June 17, 2020

Cat Age Chart: Calculate Your Cats Age In Human Years

Is kitty getting up there in her years? Are you a first-time cat owner that has Deep Thoughts like John Handey about how your cat is aging compared to humans?

It’s important to know how your feline will age and mature. Like most pets, cats age much faster than humans − likely viewing us the same way we viewed the ageless elves in Lord of the Rings. In its first year of life, a cat experiences infancy, adolescence and the initial stages of the teenage years − discovering Queen for the first time and asking why you don’t knock before entering their room. They then enter their golden girls years between ages 11 and 14.

Obvious changes including growing bigger in size can help you identify where your cat is age-wise. But, for many felines, aging is more internal rather than external.

Take a peek at our chart and find out if your feline friend is young enough that he should be starting grade school soon or old enough to have a mid-life crisis.

How Old Is My Cat in Cat Years?

Age Bracket Age of Cat Age in Human Years


0-1 months

0-1 years

2 months

2 years

3 months

4 years

4 months 6 years
5 months 8 years 
6 months 10 years
Teenager 7 months 12 years
12 months 15 years
18 months 21 years
2 years 24 years


3 years 28 years

4 years 32 years

5 years 36 years

6 years 40 years


7 years 44 years

8 years 48 years

9 years 52 years

10 years 56 years


11 years 60 years

12 years 64 years

13 years 68 years

14 years 72 years


15 years 76 years

16 years 80 years

17 years 84 years

A cat’s exact age is difficult to determine, especially if you haven’t known it its entire life. Your veterinarian should be able to help you get in the right ballpark, though.

Knowing your feline’s age can give you a general idea of her needs, prepare you for potential ailments, help dictate an exercise regimen and determine what he should be eating. It should be noted that cats have Meryl Streep-like genes, rarely showing signs of aging such as grey hair or experiencing arthritis.

So are you and your kitty two 20-somethings living their best lives? Or are you pulling an April Ludgate and adopting a grandma – grandma cat, obviously. As a cat parent, knowing your cat’s age and all the changes she will go through is key to providing her a happy and healthy life. It can also help you create the ideal home, diet and daily habits. Regardless of their age, cats will show you unequivocal love and appreciation – usually through kneading your legs or ignoring you.

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