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How to Soften Dry Cat Food Into Wet Cat Food
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How to Soften Dry Cat Food Into Wet Cat Food

When it comes to feeding your cat, there are two basic food options: dry food and wet food. Which one you serve your cat is most likely up to your cat, since they are picky eaters and will choose the one that they want. There are plenty of reasons why you may need your cat to eat dry food. Fortunately, it is possible to make wet food out of your cat’s dry food if the need arises.

To do this, there are several methods that you can use that all include adding one part water to three or four parts food and letting the food soak in it. You may need to add more water as it is absorbed to reach the right consistency for your cat, depending on what they like.

To make the process go faster, you can use a food processor to blend the water with the food. Heads up! This will make a smoother mixture which your cat may not want (que a CAT-astrophe). Most wet foods have a thicker consistency and chunks of solids in them. Using a blender or food processor will break them down and make the entire mixture smooth.

Why Would I Soften Dry Cat Food?

Both wet cat food and dry cat food are sold in stores. In fact, some brands have wet and dry versions of their foods. Making your own wet food may not seem like a necessary step, but there are cases where it is a good option, such as when there is a shortage of wet food or if your cat has dental issues.

Dry Cat Food Consumption Issues

Cats, like people, have trouble eating when they get older. Chewing and swallowing dry food can become a problem, which is why many older cats switch to wet food options. If your cat is used to eating dry food and is a picky eater, then switching to wet food can be difficult. It is easier to turn the dry food into a wet feed that your pet already knows and enjoys.

Increase Cat’s Interest in Dry Food

Trying to get a cat to eat dry food when he or she does not want to can be a challenge. Instead, you can turn that dry food into wet food to make the transition easier. The food doesn’t have to be completely wet either. You can set it into different stages of softness as a way of tapering the transition to wet foods.

How to Soften Food for Kittens

Kittens are a common reason why cat owners switch to soft foods temporarily. Kittens often have problems swallowing, which can become a major hazard if not addressed. You can get your kitten started on a particular food and slowly transition it from wet back to dry.

To soften the food for kittens, start with the right amount of dry food in a bowl. Add enough water to fill 1/4th of the bowl, but make sure that all of the food gets wet. Let it sit for a few minutes to soak it in. If needed add more water and stir. Continue this process until you reach the right consistency for your kitten.

Recipe: Homemade Wet Cat Food

This recipe was provided by our holistic veterinarian at "I and love and you", Dr. Angie Krause, DVM, CVA, CCRT.

  • 1/4 cup kibble (I used the Naked Essentials Digestive Support)
  • 1/4 cup water (it seems like a 1:1 kibble to water makes a pasty version)
  • 1/4 tsp Ultra EFA (The clinician in me couldn't help but add some omegas here)
  • 1/4 capsule Bacillus Coagulans (Also, more probiotics help support gut flora during diet changes)

Let the kibble soak in water for 5 minutes and used a small food processor to mix all the ingredients.