Hurricane Dorian Relief

March 03, 2020

Hurricane Dorian Relief


"I and love and you" is sending 40K meals of dog and cat food to the relief efforts of Hurricane Dorian. The Bahamas suffered the worst effects from Hurricane Dorian when it made landfall on Sunday, Sept 1, 2019. Two islands hit hardest were Freeport and Albaco. The Humane Society of Grand Bahama is located on Freeport, and experienced devastating flooding. Six shelter workers volunteered to stay behind with the shelter animals, but quickly found themselves "neck deep in water". Hurricane Dorian was relentless, and sadly, quite a few shelter animals lost their lives. Thankfully, over 180 dogs and cats did survive.

Post storm, the conditions at the shelter are uninhabitable and all the animals must be evacuated. The shelter lost all of their medical supplies and office equipment, medicine, food, and so much more. There is quite a bit of heartbreak, but they are determined to rebuild to provide a sanctuary for homeless pets on the island.

"I and love and you" has a very close connection with the HSGB, as our very own "ILY" family member, Maggie, is a rescued Bahamian Potcake* from this same shelter just 7 years ago.

Relief is in sight... H.A.L.O Rescue (Helping Animals Live and Overcome) located in FL, will be traveling to the HSGB to evacuate the surviving dogs and cats. Once they receive their health certificates, H.A.L.O will bring them to the USA to find their furever homes.


For the next two months, we are featuring these two very special rescues as our Rescues of the Month. Please like, share, and tag this post and article, so we may raise awareness for these wonderful shelters.

Join us in supporting recovery by donating to these two approved fundraising pages. These funds will be used to provide food, shelter, transportation, airlifts, and general rescue efforts for these two shelters and rescues:



*Potcake: "This name is derived from a popular dish in the Bahamas, peas and rice. The "cake" that sticks to the bottom of the pot was usually thrown into the yard for the dogs (and in many cases, it still is). Potcakes are an officially recognized breed in the Bahamas!"

Our resident Potcake, Maggie says thanks so much for helping my Bahamian family!

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