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A Pet Owners Guide to How Long Can Your Cat Be Left Home Alone
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A Pet Owners Guide to How Long Can Your Cat Be Left Home Alone

Your cats might come off as being totally self-reliant – strutting around your house like they’re Miss/Mr. Independent and they don’t need no man or woman. But there’s nothing further from the truth! Cats require your attention just as much as any other pet for regular feedings, ongoing entertainment and love and affection. With work, vacations and that destination wedding your sister just HAD to have, we can’t be there with or for them 24 hours a day – even though we totally would if we could.

So, at some point, you’re going to have to leave your cat home alone (a la Kevin Mc-CAT-lister style). But that raises a few questions on how to leave them alone without them becoming a real grumpy cat.

How Long Can You Leave A Cat At Home?

That depends. How old is your cat? Your cat’s age can affect whether he or she can be left home alone. A kitten that’s less than 4 months old shouldn’t be left alone for more than four hours, but a 6-month-old cat can be by himself or herself for at least eight hours. If you have a fully grown cat, it can be left alone for 24 to 48 hours. These are estimates based on the average cat, but other factors may play a part in your decision.    

Just like any other pet, cats can develop separation anxiety, and this may affect how long you can leave them alone. Separation anxiety can cause undue stress to a cat and can affect your home. Abnormal behavior such as prolonged vocalization, excessive grooming and urinating near the front door or on personal belongings might be signs of separation anxiety. All that anxiety could definitely turn them into a real smelly cat (Smelly Cat, Smelly Caaaaat, What are they feeding you?). Make sure to take your kitty’s feelings and worries into consideration when leaving them home alone.