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Pet Fanatics & The Bond We Share with our Furry Friends!

Pet Fanatics & The Bond We Share with our Furry Friends!

When chatting up your friends and mentioning your dog Charlie's new puppy daycare, he could be called Charlie...or Charlie-bear, Char Char, Mr. Charles Bark-ley, Senior Char-litos, Baby boy, or even "my son!" Do you actually mean it? Most likely! A third of parents say their PET is their favorite child, according to new research. On top of that, using a panel of 2,000 pet owners, results found that 34 percent of parents prefer their furry friends to their own flesh and blood. But maybe it just can’t be helped, as results revealed that Americans are crazy about their pets (nothing we already didn't know!). 

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of "I and Love and You" the survey looked to see how much people love their four-legged friends and, within that, pinpointed what it means to be a “pet fanatic.” Spoiler — we're all considered pet fanatic's over at "I and Love and You" and we love it!