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Should my pet see a psychic? Q & A with pet communicator, Karen Miura
Pet Blog

Should my pet see a psychic? Q & A with pet communicator, Karen Miura

How do pets communicate with you? In words? Images? Emotions?

I am a Psychic, animals communicate with me through feeling of energy, emotions, images and through my spirit guilds, as well as through a sense of knowing.

Do pets have their own "voices" or do you hear them in your voice?

Animals do not talk in words like we do, it’s not like talking to Scooby-Doo. It is mostly through emotions, feelings, and images. The images are like little movies. I have had a lot of pets show me around their homes. Show me the areas they like to hang out or sleep in. When I see these images, I simultaneously get emotions from them. So if they send me an image of a person, I can feel they like them, I can say your pet likes this male image that lives with you. They may show me they like this person when they rub their belly or play ball with them. These images are very helpful when people ask, “why does my pet behave a certain way?”, or “what is upsetting my pet?”. The animal will show me what might be upsetting them or why they behave a certain way about certain things. An example would be, let’s say your pet barks and then hides every time you open the freezer door. I can sense from the pet that there is a noise that comes from the freezer that bothers the dog’s sense of hearing. Perhaps if you oil the door it would make it less loud. I cannot change their behavior, I cannot make them stop doing something simply by asking them to stop. If I could, I would be a multi-millionaire.  But with knowing why they behave a certain way, you can start fixing it. Through training or changing something in their environment.

Are certain animals easier to communicate with than others (like dogs vs. cats)?

Most of the time it is individual, but if I was to pick one that is more difficult, it would be cats. They have to trust me first. Sometimes they don't understand the energy I am giving them. They can be a little standoffish at first. I find that horses are the easiest to communicate without of domesticated animals. Wild animals are harder to link into. I connect with wild animals mostly through meditation. I am currently working on a book about the teachings of animals through my meditations.


Can you only "hear" pets, or can they also understand you?

Yes, I can hear by sensing the pets emotionally and through their energy. Which I turn into words for us to understand. Yes, they can understand the energy I give to them. I always start a session with sending them calming energy. Let them know it is safe to give me energy back. Once I have their trust they start giving me information quickly. Sometimes too quickly for me to keep up. I have to get them to slow down. At times I may need a pen and paper to make sure I get everything. Communicating with your pet is something everyone does. They might not understand your words but they sense how you feel about what you are saying.  For example... Let's say you are going away and you are having someone come into the house to care for your pet. I recommend that you talk to your pet about what your plans are. **The most important thing is to make the message a positive message, "we will be away for a little while, but we have a great person coming to visit you who is planning to have a lot of fun with you while we are gone”.  Always keep in mind animals feel our energy/emotions, if you are nervous, they will be nervous.

Do you have any pets?  What's that like?

I have 2 cats. Chubs is a big 20 lbs mush-ball and Little-man is a love muffin who is deaf.  We also have a Guinea Pig "Kiko" and I am an Auntie to 2 Belgium Malinios that I take out on runs and hikes 1-2 times a week. I lost my best friend Maggie in December '17. I will someday get another dog. I tend to let animals come into my life naturally. With connecting to my own pets, you first have to understand I am not "On" all the time. I can turn this off. I prefer to only have it on when I need it. Sometimes I get messages out of the blue. But for the most part, I like to get into "my special space” before connecting with animals. I do know when there is something wrong with my pets or if there is something upsetting them. Then that is when I would connect psychically. I usually like to relax with my pets and enjoy the love that we pass to one another. All my animals are chilled and very social. Our Guinea pig presently in a children’s summer camp for 8 weeks, he is playing with the kids. He has been doing this for the past 3 summers now.


Do you ever walk past a random pet who's talking to you and you just have to say something to the parent?

When I was first developing my abilities this would happen all the time. I worked as a groomer. Hands-on animals for hours in a relaxed state. I received messages a lot. It was hard not to say something, but I could not walk up to clients and start saying their pet told me stuff. I think I would have gotten me fired. I have learned through the years to not always be "on" but sometimes, I would receive messages and these messages would stay with me until I get rid of them. They hover around my head. I have no choice but to say something. It has always worked out for the best. I have never had someone get mad at me for giving them a message. Animal Communications is more acceptable today than it was when I started. 

Can you connect with pets that have crossed the rainbow bridge?

Yes - And YES, they will be there to greet you. I often use the phrase "Until you meet again" for I know it to be true. A lot of the time when connecting with pets that have passed they bring along family members. Once I am in that "realm" I may receive messages from people spirits who come through. I feel if a spirit has a message for my client it must be important and give it to them.

Do pets speak to you in barks, words, or images (of treats)?

Dogs love to let me know what treats they like or don't like. ALL THE TIME!! :). I had dogs show me treats and wonder why they do not get them anymore. (Usually, it’s because the treat was of poor quality or they developed an allergy to it) But they still wish to have it. They also let me know what food or treats they don't like. Like, stop placing the peas in my food!

Do celebrity pets know they're famous?

They know they are special. But they don't try to be special, they just are special. They have a very special spark in them, or Aura about them. @Loki of Instagram is one of the "stars" people are drawn to. The glow of his energy expands beyond the photos. There are millions of photos of dogs on Instagram but yet with Loki even the dark underdeveloped shots you can still feel something from him. It’s this energy that people feel, His pureness, his love of life. People wish for that and without even realizing it they are drawn to him. I have come across several very special dogs and they do know they are special, they are just being pure.


What was your funniest pet connection moment?

I have had many but one was when I was having a session at a shop and a young lady came in with her little Yorkie and her boyfriend. Right away the dog sent me images and feelings of the place she was living at. She was not happy with it. She said it was dark and not comfortable and she wanted to go back to her other home. I told all this to the young lady with her boyfriend and there was silence. She then told me she just moved into her boyfriend’s apartment. Now that was a very uncomfortable moment for everyone. (I don't think the dog liked the boyfriend either, but I held back from saying that. If she was by herself I would have said something.)

What's the craziest thing you've done to show your love for a pet?

I was a groomer at one time, I used to do what is called creative grooming. I am an artist and I loved to do special haircuts and colors on animals. You can't tell me they did not love the attention they got. I used to groom design on my dog Maggie's back. She loved the attention she got from people and she loved the special time we had together doing these designs. She would stand perfectly still with a smile on her face. Boy, I loved that dog. We had some great times together. Until we meet again Maggie, I will remember all the good times.

Can anyone communicate with their pets?

Yes, and we all do. Please don't stop

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