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Pets help us connect to one another
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Seeing the world through our pet's eyes

If dating apps aren’t leading to a successful relationship, you might be barking up the wrong tree — new research shows adopting a pet might be a better way to go. Conducted by OnePoll, the survey indicates that our pets aren’t just helping us meet new people, but also different kinds of people.


According to results, watching their pet approach people without judgment or prejudice has encouraged 77% of respondents to do the same. And seeing their pet approach all types of people has made 74% more aware of their own judgment and prejudice. Respondents were split by ethnicity, and white respondents were among the ones who most strongly agreed with this statement, at 83%.


“Everyone has experienced the pure and unwavering love our dogs and cats, essentially our best friends, offer,” said Michael Meyer, CEO of ‘I and love and you.’ “As a holistic pet food brand dedicated to strengthening the bond between pet and owner, we recognize the importance of learning valuable lessons from the ways our pets approach the world.”


Pets help bring out the best in humans, which might be why 78% of respondents agree: the world would be a better place if we could view it through our pet’s eyes.


“We see these survey results as an opportunity for us to better ourselves by taking a page from our pet’s handbook,” said Meyer. “We challenge you to chat it up with a stranger, embrace and celebrate diversity, leave judgement at the door and strive to be an elevated version of oneself — one that would make your four-legged best friend super proud.”