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A close-up of a happy dog with blue eyes, a merle coat, and a wide-open mouth, showing its tongue. The background is a wooden fence and dirt ground. The dog's joyful expression is the focal point of the image.
Pet Blog

The Importance of Prebiotics and Probiotics in Dog & Cat Food

Congrats, It’s Green!

Have you seen more buzz about prebiotics and probiotics in pet food lately? Probiotics (good bacteria) are most commonly found and talked about in human foods like yogurt, while prebiotics are naturally found in whole grains, bananas, soybeans and onions. Combine the two and *BAM!* digestive magic. Dog Naturally Magazine suggests that probiotics help with digestion, reduce the severity of colds and even ease certain allergies. 

What’s all the bark about?

Healthy digestion isn’t just for us two-legged mammals. We believe in tummy rubs over tummy rumbles, which is why we think combining prebiotics and probiotics in pet food is essential to a happy pet. Whole Dog Journal suggests that probiotics may even have additional benefits such as better skin and coat, a reduction in gas (no more blaming it on the dog), improved breath (yes, please!) and improved mood!  

Does every pet need prebiotics and probiotics?

Giving your pet probiotics will help improve their digestion. Even if you haven’t noticed a significant problem with your pet’s tummy, probiotics in pet food have not been shown to cause any harm. So, only good can come from giving your pet the very best. With more research touting the positive benefits, if you can feed your four-legged furry friend food with probiotics, why wouldn’t you?

Do prebiotics and probiotics come in other forms?

Probiotics are available in several forms, such as liquid supplements to put on top of food, powder and even treats, but having probiotics in pet food already gives you one less thing for you to worry about.

Does “I and love and you” food have prebiotics and probiotics in it?

Yes! We believe in providing the very best for pets, which means having prebiotics and probiotics included right in the formula. You’ll find pre and probiotics in our Naked Essentials™, Lovingly Simple™ and Nude Food™ limited ingredient pet food formulas for dogs and cats. 

Including prebiotics and probiotics in your pet’s food can have oh so many benefits – allowing them to live their best furry life! Choosing a food that has them right in the formula is just one more step you can take to keep them happy and healthy.