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The Ultimate Pet Question - Are You a Cat or Dog Person?
Pet Blog

The Ultimate Pet Question - Are You a Cat or Dog Person?

Today, we aim to answer the eternal question that plagues society and befuddles philosophers: Are you a dog person or a cat person? While some people feel they inherently know the answer, others find it harder to determine especially if they didn’t grow up in a pet household – that sounds awful and we’re sorry you had to grow up like that.

Both cats and dogs make fantastic pets. It’s not unheard of for a dog person to realize their personality and lifestyle are perfect for a cat or vice versa. You also don’t have to own the pet to be a cat person or a dog person – look at John Cusack in Must Love Dogs for evidence. It also wouldn’t be surprising if you share traits with both types of pet people. At the end of the day, we all love our pets no matter if they’re feline or canine. They deserve our affection and that’s something we all can agree on.

Cat People

It definitely can seem like there’s more dog people than cat people in the world. However, everyone loves an underdog – or should I say undercat. Cats are the ideal pet for non-conformists and open-minded individuals. What we’re saying is that cat owners are cool and exude that hipster, anti-mainstream vibe you’ve been looking for. We’re not just making things up too! Several studies have shown that cat people tend to be creative-focused, philosophical and non-traditional. Cats are also a more attractive pet for the introvert because cats are independent, just like their owners. However, don’t take this as a lack of affection, because just like cats, cat people desire love and attention – just in their own way. 

Dog People

If you took a quick poll of your friends, you’d probably find that more of them identify as dog people. Just like their pups, dog people are usually energetic and value loyalty. Surveys have also shown that dog people tend to have an above average income, but that might be more out of necessity. Owning a dog can sometimes be expensive and it’s good that you can afford it – we all work to give our dog the life they deserve. As a dog person you may also value the importance of nutrition and are more active than your feline-focused friends. Dogs require plenty of exercise so the concept is not foreign to you and you might even be the type of person who desires more of it in their day-to-day. Just like their canine counterpart, dog people are also usually extroverted meaning they love to interact and engage with other people and pets.

Whether trying to live the “hug every cat” motto or trying to earn the coveted title of dog parent, dog people and cat people share one very important thing – their undying love for their pet. So, if you relate to a cat person trait but feel you’re a dog person at heart, have no fear because you can always be both. In fact, consider yourself lucky because you can give love to feline friends and canine companions with ease. You get to live that Hannah Montana lifestyle and revel in the “best of both worlds” mentality. If you haven’t figured out which one you are, you think you might be a fan of both or you know you’re 100% one way, don’t worry about it. All that matters is that you love the pet you have.