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All Cat Food


Aside from a great hydration source, these grain-free pâté and stew meals are just plain tasty and highly functional. These heritage tried and true flavors are protein-rich, carrageenan-free, and void of all fruits, vegetables, or unnecessary fillers—only the best for your furry ride or die.


Dual protein for the win! Doesn’t matter if your cat likes pâté or stew, our grain-free, juicy and rich XOXOs canned food delivers. The double-whammy of protein keeps even the pickiest cat satisfied and full so she can continue to live her best nine lives. BONUS: We’ve added lotsa moisture to this dish so your cat can stay hydrated and happy.


Sometimes a little somethin’ somethin’ can go a lonnnnnng way. Snag one of these complete and balanced meals to provide targeted benefits to your cat’s diet. Each pouch is super boosted with ingredients like pumpkin, omega 3 + 6s to help with coat shine, energy levels, and upset tummies. Did we mention it was tasty? It’s really tasty.


We’re of the mindset that less is more, and here’s why: we believe what’s NOT in your cat’s food is just as important as what’s in it. In this bag of kibble, your cat gets only the essentials: grain-free bites packed with real meat and prebiotics and probiotics. We left all the corn, wheat, soy, rice, and white potatoes. Boo-yah.


Some stomachs are more sensitive than others, so this limited-ingredient kibble skips the poultry and grains—known pet food allergens! That means your cat gets simple, friendly ingredients you can count on a paw or two. But don’t worry, we kept the prebiotics and probiotics for optimal digestion.


If you wanted to serve your kitty foie gras on the reg, this would be that. This ultra-premium bag of goodness is packed with superfoods like coconut oil, turmeric, pumpkin, and flaxseeds. The heart-shaped kibble also has the highest protein content on our shelves—a whopping 40%! Now that’s love.


Pets don't lie and neither do numbers, people. *cue drum roll* Not sure which delicious meal or snack to try first? Check out our smorgasbord of delicious crowd faves. Snag a variety of lip-smacking, grain-free bites for your cat and rejoice—cause you just became their favorite person (thank god).