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Boo! Where to find the best pet costumes
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Boo! Where to find the best pet costumes

The spookiest time of year is right around the corner, and if you love Halloween as much as we do, then you’ve probably been excited since August. Chances are you’ve already picked out your own costume and you’re dying for Target to roll out their Halloween decorations.

However, while you were looking into fake spider webs and considering if dry ice is too extra (it’s not, trust us), you may’ve forgotten to prep your pet for the haunting festivities. Have no fear! We have costume ideas that are perfect for every pet’s personality.

The Hot Dog

This idea may seem old fashioned, but a dog in a hot dog costume is an instant classic. With two buns on the side and condiments on the top, your dog becomes an adorable representation of one of the silliest puns ever. The joke works with every dog, but it obviously works best with a dachshund (a wiener dog, get it?). Everyone who sees your pup will gush over their favorite ballpark snack. You get bonus points if your dog has a cute hot dog related name like Frank, Sausage or Bratwurst (which is a perfectly acceptable dog name!). Head over to Chewy, Target or Party City to find the perfect hot dog costume for your pup.


The Lion

Perfect for the family cat or golden retriever, the lion costume is simple, adorable and cuddly all at the same time. This costume is just a lion’s mane, which is great if your pet isn’t particularly fond of wearing clothes. This costume is the epitome of minimum effort/maximum reward. Take the theme to the next level and dress yourself up as a lion tamer or gladiator – your significant other won’t find it weird that you wanted to match costumes with your pet and not them. You can find this costume on Amazon and the adorably named

The Tarantula

This costume works for any size dog, but it looks especially amazing on larger pups. Most people are at least a little afraid of spiders (if they say they’re not, they’re lying), meaning a dog dressed as a giant tarantula is both adorable and terrifying. If you want to see your friends freak get this adorable costume. This prank went viral a few years ago and now the giant spider costume is one of the more popular dog costume options. Your dog will love it since everyone who sees him will want to chase or be chased! You can get the costume at Party City, Target and Chewy.


Rodeo Costume

The rodeo costume may be the easiest to pull off especially if your pet hates wearing anything more than a harness. With a small cowboy riding on their back, it turns your dog or cat into a bucking bull worthy of any rodeo. Once your pet tries to get rid of their western rider, the costume really comes alive. It works for both cats and dogs making it one of the ultimate Halloween costumes for pets. It’s a crowd pleaser year after year and is great for Halloween parties. You can find it on Amazon.

We know whichever costume you choose for your pet will be fabulous! Be sure to take plenty of pictures and share your furry friends’ adorable costumes with us. After trick-or-treating and Halloween partying, be sure to reward your pets with treats and chews because there’s no doubt they’re giving you the “Why did you do this to me face?”.