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12 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

April 09, 2020

12 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

National Pet Day is one of our favorite days of the year! We know you don’t need an excuse, but this day is the perfect opportunity to spoil your pet rotten!

As this isn’t a federal holiday (though it should be), you may find yourself wondering, when is National Pet Day? In 2020, this day falls on Saturday, April 11th. We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to celebrate the paw-some holiday with your critter.

Celebrate National Pet Day with Noms

Is there anything your pet loves more than a tasty treat?! Tantalize their taste buds with these gourmet activities.

  1. Give your pet a special treat, whether you make it yourselfor purchase it from the store.
  2. If your pet is on a stricter diet and needs a healthier treat, try making a vet- approved steak.
  3. Share a meal with your pet at an animal friendly restaurant.

Celebrate National Pet Day with Fun

It’s time to pawty and have a howlin’ good time!

  1. Watch a video with them that has an animal cast (Madagascar, Homeward Bound, and Air Bud are some great options).
  2. Play their favorite game.
  3. Take inventory of their toys, and replace any ones that are broken or falling apart.
  4. Throw them the best dog-gone party ever.
  5. Visit the dog park and spend extra time meeting new friends.
  6. Set up a photoshoot to capture the paw-fect picture, complete with props. Do it for the ‘gram!

Celebrate National Pet Day with Good Health

While we love a good laugh, health is serious business. Make sure your pet is taken care of!

  1. Give them a few extra strokes with the brush while grooming.
  2. Wash their bedding to keep things so fresh and so clean, clean.
  3. Give your dog a pampering shampoo rub a dub dub.

We all know your pet is your best friend, so make sure they know how loved they are on this very special day!

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