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Three dogs are being walked on leashes outdoors by a person. Two of the dogs are golden in color and medium-sized, while the third dog in the middle is smaller with a similar golden hue. A car and a house are visible in the background.
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Denver’s Dog Days of Summer – Where to Take Your Dog Swimming

Summers in Denver, Colorado are pup-fect and the spot-on definition of ahhhh-mazing. In July, usually the hottest month of the year, the average high temperature is 88°F (or 31°C for everyone outside of the U.S.). The low humidity bodes well for the season, creating an enjoyable heat during the day and a cool night of comfort.

With beautiful days like that, fun time in the water is 100% necessary for you and your dog. Denver is home to plenty of dog parks with spaces where you can take off your pup’s leash and let him run with fervor while getting all wet. So whether you’re visiting the Mile High City or live there and are looking for an off-leash version of Bear Creek Lake, we’ve got you and your canine compatriot covered.

Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park has 70 acres of land (insert a choir of barking angels here) ready to be explored. In the off-leash area, there are two ponds where your dog can get her fur wet while under the sun. From the park, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape boasting a mix of Rocky Mountains and metropolitan views. Get a pass for the day or sign up for an annual membership. The park also has multiple spaces dedicated to training – so you can help your dog become the next Michael Phel-pups.

Westminster Hills

The entire 420-acre Westminster Hills park offers scenic views and an off-leash area with plenty of benches, a shaded area to enjoy a snack and a drinking fountain that is for VIPs only – Very Important Pups. The pièce de résistance is the small pond where your dog can really make a splash. The park is completely free and open from sunrise to sunset, so your dog can enjoy a swim ALL DAY LONG (sing it like Lionel Richie). The park is just north Denver in Westminster, Colorado, a nice short drive away.

CRCG Indoor Pool

Colorado’s first and largest indoor swimming pool for dogs can be found at Canine & Conditioning Rehabilitation Group. This heated watering hole is a great way for your dog to get a good paddle in during the colder months or on rainy days. From sharing the pool with other dogs and owners to booking a private swim for the two of you, the CRCG helps accommodate all of your water needs in Englewood and Broomfield.

Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park is home to 107 acres, perfect for sniffing, running around and playing games of fetch. The off-leash area is in the southeast corner and provides access to the creek, perfect for your water-loving dog. The park is super popular, which may cause a wait time during peak hours − but it’s totally worth it. Whether you’re looking for a place where your dog can swim or just trot through shallow waters, this place creates the perfect getaway during the dog days of summer. Cherry Creek State Park is south of the city and offers the ideal setting if you’re looking to hike, camp and enjoy the great outdoors with your puppy pal. 

Swimming is a fun activity and great exercise for you and your dog. It allows dogs to burn off excess energy while keeping them happy and healthy. It’s very likely, too, that your pup will be so tuckered out that he’ll take a long nap – that sounds so adorable and we are so very jealous. The cool waters will also help them thrive in the heat. So bring some floaties and some treats and take a refreshing dip with your doggo.