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Why a Dog Friendly Office Should Be Your #1 Job Requirement
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Why a Dog Friendly Office Should Be Your #1 Job Requirement

We've all heard of Take Your Child to Work Day, and maybe you even have memories of doing it yourself. Dressing up in Picture Day clothing, marveling at the doughnuts in the break room, wondering if one day, we too would have our name emblazoned on a faux-wood plaque. Why not let our best furry friends in on those memories with Take Your Dog to Work Day®?

OK, first, let's sell you on why you absolutely should.

  1. Company morale is going to go up, like, 300%, because people can't look at dogs and not smile.
  2. You'll more easily endure any long-windedness in your weekly team meeting, because you're gonna have your furry BFF sitting at your feet.
  3. Dogs are already crazy cute, but an office-ready dog in a bowtie? Clearly the cutest and good-est boy.
  4. On the downside, there's no way Fido can work the fax machine, but also it's 2018, and you know there's no reason on this planet that we should have a fax machine.
  5. When you've been stuck indoors for far too long, your dog will be there to nudge you outside to take a quick walk. A little fresh air and sunshine will do your productivity some good, you overachiever, you!
  6. They're never going to steal your yogurt out of the office kitchen like SOMEONE did that ONE TIME and NEVER fessed up to it. (But on the safe side, definitely bring some snacks. We suggest our Super Smarty Hearties.)
  7. They have no opposable thumbs, so dogs will never accidentally hit "reply all." (Woops!)

Now that you're pumped about bringing your dog to work, we've got the kit that you need to make it all happen. Get your Take Your Dog to Work Kit and make all of your Corporate America dreams come true.

We love you and your pets a ton, 

The two-legged (and four-legged) employees at "I and love and you" 

Take Your Dog To Work Day® is June 22,2018. Buy a kit now!