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Indoor Exercises & Activities to Keep Your Dog Healthy

April 08, 2020

Indoor Exercises & Activities to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Being stuck at home is ruff...Whether due to unfavorable weather conditions or social distancing, it’s not always easy to get your dog outside. Now, more than ever, folks are searching for fun, indoor activities for dogs.

How to entertain and get a dog active when going outside is not an option

  1. Treadmill -Treadmills provide excellent cardio workouts. They don't require specialty machinery, human fitness equipment can be used as long as your dog fits and you train them to use it properly!
  2. Indoor Fetch - You can still be ballin’ inside! Long hallways in your home or apartment building are perfect for tossing a favorite toy or ball.
  3. Hide and Seek -This is something the whole family can get involved in, and is a paw-ty for all! A few rounds of this game can exercise your dog’s body and mind, and can improve recall training. Train your pup to sit and stay while the humans hide. When ready, call for your dog to come find you!
  4. Indoor obstacle course -Cue the Rocky music… You can easily create your own obstacle course by laying broom or mop handles across chairs for jumps and use plastic bowls or cups as cones! If you’d rather not use everyday items, you can purchase an agility set specifically for this purpose.
  5. Stairs -One of the best cardio workouts for both of you! Run up and down the steps with your pup and you’ll both get your heart rates up.
  6. Training and Tricks -Training takes time, but what else are you going to do when stuck indoors? Training uses your pup’s mental and physical energy and strengthens your bond with them. Plus, having a well-trained dog will make your life much easier! Don’t forget to reward your pet with a treat!
  7. Canine Conditioning -This is like dancing for dogs! Although the pros use their skills in competitions, any healthy dog can take part. Get ready to rumba(rk)!
  8. Nose Work -This exercise is based on the techniques used to train detection dogs. To try it at home, put your pup onto a specific scent, and then send them on a hunt to find the source.

Good stimulation exercises and toys

Puzzle toys are available in different sizes and skill levels. Some are stationary and can be solved without much physical activity, while others are quite a workout! Stuff the toy with your dog’s kibble so they can stay healthy and avoid eating too many treats!

Why it's important to keep your dog active

Exercise with your dog doesn't have to be done in isolation. Sign up for a class to meet other pet parents and get your pup socialized with local dogs. Regardless of the outdoor elements, dogs still need to exercise daily to maintain their health and happiness. It’s important to keep a routine and regularly exercise your dog, otherwise they can end up destroying your furniture, chewing on costly items (save the shoes!), behave hyperactively, or develop increased anxiety, aggression and many more problems. We all got 99 problems but your dog shouldn’t be one!

When you want to take a break from indoor exercises for dogs, enjoy the warmer weather at these great dog friendly swimming and hiking spots in Denver!

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