New Puppy Checklist: What to Take With When Picking Up My Furry Friend?

May 12, 2020

New Puppy Checklist: What to Take With When Picking Up My Furry Friend?

Congratulations on your furry bundle of joy! We know this is a new and exciting time, and that you might need a little help. Whether you are first time pawrents, or it’s just been quite a while since you’ve had a puppy around, you may be wondering what to get for a new puppy. Preparing for a new puppy may seem overwhelming, but you’ll be good as gold with the right resources! We’ve got your back - here’s a handy dandy new puppy checklist to help you prepare for your family addition.

Training & Behavioral Supplies for Your Puppy

Dog Toys

We recommend getting a few toys with several different textures to help when your puppy starts teething/chewing.

Dog Crate

Many pups find comfort in having a designated safe space like a crate. It’s also very helpful to have when traveling, or if you must leave your dog alone and want to contain them.


Yummy treats make training much easier and provide a tasty incentive for your pooch.


When puppies are teething, anything is fair game to become a chew toy. This can be bad news for your furniture and shoes. A good dog chew will help bear the brunt of the teething until your puppy matures and sheds his puppy teeth.

No Chew Spray

When preparing for a new puppy, it’s important to puppy proof your home. If you’d like to take extra precautions to prevent your dog from chewing on things they shouldn’t, use Bitter Apple Spray since they hate the taste. Our guide can also help you to get the biting and chewing to stop.

Collar and Leash

Many neighborhoods and parks require you to use a leash when walking your dog. Even if they don’t, it’s a good idea to keep your puppy on a leash for their safety and the safety of others.

Everyday Essentials for Your Puppy

Name Tags

You can order tags online in advance, or your local pet store can likely make a tag for you that same day. Make sure to include your puppy’s name and your phone number.

Puppy Blanket

This will keep your puppy warm on chilly nights and can provide an added level of comfort.

Puppy Food

Our puppy food is perfect for your new little one! This puppy feeding guide will help get their tummies on track from day one.

Dog Bowls

A simple stainless steel food and water bowl are extra durable for puppies with boundless energy.


It’s nice to soften the bottom of a crate to make it cozier with some bedding. But be careful, some teething puppies will shred sheets or towels!

Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies for Your Puppy

Stain and Odor Remover

Until potty training has been successfully completed, be prepared for some extra cleaning.

Dog Brush

Even if your pup is short haired, it’s still important to brush them to help remove any fur matting and help them shed their coat.

Puppy Shampoo

Never use human products on your pets, as they may be too harsh for their skin. Even adult dog shampoo may not be suitable, so it’s best to go with puppy shampoo.


These are very useful for cleaning up accidents, keep some in your car and some in the house.

Paper Towels

It’s good to have these around when the rags are dirty or are in the wash.

Pee Pads

These are good to use when traveling with your pup, or during potty training.

Poop Bags

When walking your dog, it is the law to clean up after them. Make sure you don’t get fined!

Grooming Wipes

These can come in handy when you need to spot clean your pup’s coat (i.e. muddy paws or snout) and don’t want to go through the effort of a bath.

Register Essential Services for Your Puppy

It truly takes a village to raise any type of child, make sure you have these services lined up for your pup!

  • Veterinarian
  • Groomer (if applicable for longer haired dogs)
  • Dog walker
  • Dog sitter
  • Dog trainer
  • Pet insurance

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