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Make Barktastic Things With Pumpkin For The Holidays
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Make Barktastic Things With Pumpkin For The Holidays

This post is written by our very own Sandie and Her Human(Charlie) at "I and love and you"

Sandie and I love when the fall and winter come because it means, playing in the snow, snuggling next to the fire and of course all the delicious comfort foods. One of our favorites of those foods is pumpkin. It’s so versatile, super nutritious and is in abundance this season. You can make all kinds of amazing desserts, snacks, and savory dishes for yourself with pumpkin. And yes you can and should let your dog partake! This can be in the form of plain cooked pumpkin added to their meals or you can get creative! In this post I’ll be getting Sandie drooling for a tasty pumpkin spice smoothie that we also make into some frozen popsicle treats.