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8 Fun Fall Activities to Do With Your Pet


Fall is a wonderful time to explore the great outdoors with your pet—the air is cool and the leaves are plentiful, making a delightful “crunch” with every step you take. To make the most of this season, we've put together some pet-friendly activities for your autumn bucket list. These ideas are all about enjoying the simple pleasures—from wandering through colorful landscapes to enjoying a hike in the crisp, fresh air—perfect opportunities to embrace the beauty of the season and spend some quality time with your furry friend.

1. Go Apple Picking

Grab a leash and enjoy a simple yet delightful fall adventure with your four-legged companion as you take a leisurely stroll through an apple orchard, where the air is fresh and the scenery is draped in autumn colors. It's a perfect outing for you and your pet, as many orchards welcome leashed animals. With your furry friend by your side, exploring the new scents among the apple trees with curiosity, you’re bound to make a discovery or two. And those crisp apples? They're not just a tasty snack for you; they're also healthy for your pet.

2. Dress Up for Halloween

Let’s be real—we wait all year to see pets in Halloween costumes. While not every pet enjoys dressing up, the furry friends that do will quickly become the stars of any pet costume contest or trick-or-treat adventure. If your pet is a little less enthusiastic about getting dolled up, they might be more amenable to wearing that pair of devil horns long just enough for a photo—if they’re bribed with lots of dog treats or cat treats, of course.

3. Take a Hike in the Woods

Experiencing the changing fall colors is best done by immersing yourself in the forest. Adventurous dogs and cats, fueled by their natural curiosity will revel in rustling through the fallen leaves and uncovering hidden scents. Meanwhile, their human companions can gaze up at the canopy, taking in a breathtaking rainbow of foliage. This harmonious blend of nature and makes for a perfect autumn adventure.

4. Cook a Fall Feast

As the chilly days set in, it's the perfect opportunity to engage in pet-friendly activities from the warmth of your kitchen, cooking up something delicious and comforting. A good home-cooked meal can certainly do wonders for our soul, so why not our four-legged friends?

Whip up a special treat just for them – our seasonal Pumpkin Spice Dog Smoothie comes to mind this time of year. Or better yet, involve the whole family in making a pet-friendly feast –  slow-roasted tray of sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower is sure to be a hit with dogs, cats, and humans alike. Just remember to season the human portions separately after serving your pets – and if making substitutions, check which veggies are safe for your furry friends as you enjoy this cozy, culinary pet-friendly activity together.

5. Play in Leaf Piles

Raking up leaves can take a little work, but a good leaf pile makes the perfect play area for your pet. Hiding toys and treats in the leaves will create a natural snuffle mat for them to search through. And of course, rambunctious dogs love to dive headlong into leaf piles and roll around until there’s no pile left! You were hoping for the extra workout of raking a second time, right?

6. Explore a Corn Maze

Do you know the secret to finding your way through a corn maze? No, we’re not talking about a map—we’re talking about an expert sniffer to help guide you through! With the added advantage of a six sense to guide you in finding the right path, they’ll get to enjoy all the benefits of exploring with their nose.

7. Brave a Ghost Tour

Searching for a unique outdoor activity to enjoy with your pet? Consider joining a ghost tour! These spooky season adventures have gained popularity, and many outdoor walking tours are pet-friendly, welcoming well-behaved pets to join in the eerie fun. Experience the thrill of spine-chilling stories and see if your pet has a knack for sniffing out ghosts—perhaps even literally. It's an unconventional way to enjoy the outdoors and bond with your pet during the spooky season.

8. Hit the Pumpkin Patch

A trip to the pumpkin patch to find your future jack o’ lanterns or autumnal decorative gourds is even more fun with a pet! They’ll get to spend time frolicking around the farm and they can snack on some gourd goodness if you decide to do a little pumpkin carving when you get home. Pro tip: dogs can safely eat raw and cooked pumpkin, but you should cook them until soft for your feline friends.

There are so many fun adventures to be had this time of year – and hey, if you’re looking to explore a bit more, take your pet for a weekend trip and check off all the fun fall activities you can do along the way. Or, if you’d prefer to keep things closer to home, any one of these activities pairs perfectly with a movie marathon, snuggled up on the couch with your pet. (Whether you hit play on horror movies or holiday romcoms is completely up to you.)


Updated November 24, 2023