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Kitten Food

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Kitten Food

Serve up nutritious, grain-free kitten food that skips artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors. Your young four-legged friend will love the chow and grow strong from it — it's the cat's meow!


Why Feed Your Kitten Grain-Free Kitten Food

Your new kitty needs high-quality, nutritious food to stay healthy and strong. Kitten food is rich in calories as well as protein and fat to nourish your active cat.

Types of Kitten Food

There are two main types of kitten food you can purchase for your little one: Dry or wet kitten food.

Dry Kitten Food & Kitten Kibble

Got a picky eater? Treat your kibble-loving kitty to delicious and filler-free dry cat food. No worries for sensitive tummies, either! Our dry kitten food features a meat-first ingredient list with prebiotics and probiotics for healthy digestion.

Wet Kitten Food & Canned Kitten Food

Do kittens need wet food? Check with your vet for your pet's specific needs, but the answer is usually yes to some degree. Kittens have teeny tiny teeth, so wet kitten food (and softened dry food) will help them get the nutrition they need once they wean off of milk.

What Is the Best Food for Kittens?

You might be clawing around the question of whether to feed your kitten dry food or wet food. Both forms of food have benefits, and the answer depends on your cat's health and preference. Wet food can help cats who need more water, while dry food often lasts longer. Many cat parents will go with a mix of wet and dry food, but ultimately, your kittens will let you know their food preferences!

Can Kittens Eat Adult Cat Food?

Until they reach 90% of their adult body weight, cats need a growth-formulated diet. You might be wondering, how long should kittens eat kitten food? Purrfect question. Generally, you can transition from kitten to cat food when your kitty reaches 12 months old. Cat food labeled "for all life stages" packs enough nutrition for both kittens and cats.