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A golden retriever dog with tongue out, nose close-up, and eye detail.

Lovingly Simple® Limited Ingredient Dog Food

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Lovingly Simple - Lamb + Sweet Potato dog food bag with a silhouette of a dog and a heart in a thought bubble.

Lovingly Simple - Lamb + Sweet Potato

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Lovingly Simple® Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Some stomachs are more sensitive than others, so this limited-ingredient kibble skips the poultry and beef—known pet food allergens! That means your pup gets simple, friendly ingredients you can count on a paw or two. But don’t worry, we kept the prebiotics and probiotics for optimal digestion. 

Simple things can be thrilling — frozen waffles, for example, or finding a crisp twenty in your jeans pocket. And frankly, we think simple is better, which is why we created our Lovingly Simple Limited Ingredient line. It’s got a short list (you can almost count them on two paws) of ingredients, and it’s designed for the most sensitive dogs. Poultry-free, grain-free, and dog-approved with pre/probiotics added for the most delicate stomachs. Your dog is going to love it as much as you love new toothbrush day.

We create only the highest quality products because we love keeping your pets healthy. Our products are formulated to include the optimal combination of complete, whole-food nutrition, and premium ingredients. It’s seriously awesome pet food, fur real.