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5 Jobs That Dogs are Qualified For
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5 Jobs That Dogs are Qualified For

Some dogs are so talented that they’ve got to do more than just be our friends. Some dogs are perfect to join that 9-5 life and bring home the bacon (not actual bacon because they’d just eat it). From their heightened senses to their unconditional love, dogs provide many ways to help make our jobs and lives easier and more efficient.

1. Models and Instagram Influencers

    Some owners choose to combine their love for their pet with photography. This, along with a strategic use of social media, helps launch dogs into internet stardom. It’s a scientifically proven fact that everyone loves to see dogs on social media, and it’s even better when it’s a professional-level photo. From the travel bound wolfdogs like Loki to high-fashion pups like Super Corgi Joji, dog careers on social media can be just as successful as their human counterparts, maybe even more.

    2. Truffle Hunters

      Slowly becoming more and more popular, truffle hunting dogs are trained to find truffles hidden underground. Dogs are a choice animal for this type of hunting because of their trained ability to find ripe truffles beneath the forest floor without disturbing their roots. Truffles are used in cooking for a variety of reasons from fine dining to French fries, so they’re a highly covetable resource. In Oregon, they have competitions for truffle hunting dogs and some dogs have even found truffles worth $2000 a pound.

      3. Search and Rescue Dogs

      You’ve probably seen Turner and Hooch, or at least a police dog in real life. The heightened senses of a dog make for a valuable asset for police officers and first responders. With 225 million scent receptors in their noses, dogs have the ability to fight crime and find survivors after a disaster. These dogs don’t work forever, and you can adopt one after they’ve retired, helping them enjoy their golden years, after all, that of hard work. You can also adopt dogs that have failed their training for having too unique of a personality (sounds like a success if you ask us).

      4. Service Dogs

      Some dogs are perfect for helping those in need, and they become service dogs. These canine companions are recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act and are trained in an 18-month program to help with specific disabilities. From mobility assistance, seizure alerts, hearing and vision aid to autism assistance, service dogs are ready and able to help humans navigate their day-to-day lives. These dogs are granted special access into most locations and are highly trained to help their owners’ specific needs.

      5. Therapy Dogs

        Often confused for service dogs, therapy dogs are trained to provide a completely different type of service. Their responsibilities include psychological aid to individuals and handlers. From loneliness to PTSD, service dogs and their owners volunteer their time to help those in need. Therapy dogs are usually certified and can help those suffering after a disaster or can help therapists better assist their patients. 

        Like any good dog deserves, dogs with jobs are given a loving home and their handlers are usually their owners. Even at “I and love and you”, our dogs have jobs, but they don’t make that bread – they can’t because all our dog food is grain-free. However, our office dogs still have titles and love to take control of the office speaker. In the grand scheme of things, the biggest job a dog has is being your best friend and your biggest job is returning the favor.