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A dog lying in grass, close-up of dog's nose and back.
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A Day In The Life Of Lily: Chief Dog Officer At Canine Journal

Hey there, my name is Lily, and I’m the Chief Canine Officer at What does a Chief Canine Officer do exactly? I thought you’d never ask! Let me share a day in the life of my role as leader of one of the best dog resources on the web (I’m not biased or anything).

Typically I start my mornings around 6:30am when my sister Bella and I go wake up our mom and dad (Co-Founders of the site) to let us out. Even though they're the big bosses, we’re the cute faces around the office and well someone has to bring home the bacon (literally). We’re big dogs with big bladders, but when you gotta go, you gotta go.

After a few rounds of chasing squirrels around the yard and sniffing out the garden, we usually head in to get our morning breakfast. When we are done gobbling that down, we begin our work day. A typical workday usually involves sleeping at the foot of mom and dad’s desk to keep them company and inspire cozy new ideas. Since has remote workers, and I always request to make an appearance on video calls.

Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we get asked to model for photos of products being reviewed on the website. My personal favorite is the FitBark which I’ve been wearing for years. I’m an active dog, and it tracks my activity levels so my parents can make sure I stay fit for my age and breed type. Bella likes to show off her breed stats by barking all about her dog DNA test results (as a 100% mutt, I can reassure you that having more identifiable breeds in your DNA does not make you a cooler dog, Bella!)

We get lots of questions from readers which I try to help answer. Popular questions include "What’s the best dog gift?" and "Am I ready to adopt a new dog?". Readers also beg to hear the story about how I battled a copperhead snake and won! Luckily, my parents have pet insurance which saved my life.


I digress again (seriously, I have the attention span of a cat sometimes). The afternoons are pretty chill, I usually get an afternoon break and if I’m lucky we’ll go on a quick hike on one of the trails in our hometown of Winston-Salem, NC. We also go up to the mountains sometimes to work which, I will admit, doesn’t suck.

We usually throw in the towel around 5:30 pm and then eat dinner while there’s still time to play a bit afterward. Then, we kick it on the sofa after working like a dog all day since our paws can get pretty tired from all that typing.

So yeah, that’s pretty much what it’s like to be a Chief Canine Officer. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!



You can follow Lily and Bella on social media including Instagram @CanineJournal, PinterestTwitterYoutube and Facebook.