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Crazy Stories of Love: Sara and Tripp, the German Shorthaired Pointer
Pet Blog

Crazy Stories of Love: Sara and Tripp, the German Shorthaired Pointer

Crazy Love for a Crazy Dog

Q: What’s your dog’s name? What kind of dog is he?

A: Tripp Oliver is a German Shorthaired Pointer; in other words, we are never bored with this crazy kid! GSPs are known for their high energy.

Q: Why did you choose this name?

A: One evening we were watching a Miami Dolphins football game and we heard the announcer mention “Tripp” as a last name of a player and we fell in love with it! This has worked out perfectly because we decided on the name “Tripp” before we even realized how appropriate it is for him…he literally trips over anything, including his own paws! 

Q: What’s Tripp’s most embarrassing nickname?

A: We like to call him the Tee Tee King, because we are constantly taking him outside to pee. Oh my gosh, he’d be so embarrassed to know I’m telling anyone that! 

Q: Does Tripp have any favorite hobbies?

A:  Oh, so many. When he’s not perusing toilets to drink out of, Tripp really enjoys stealing food as quietly and sneakily as possible…even out of people’s hands! He’s also extremely nosey and thoroughly enjoys spying on our neighbors from the apartment balcony. Whether you’re bringing in groceries or going for a leisurely stroll, Tripp’s going to know about it!

Q: What’s Tripp’s pawsitively worst habit?

A: He really struggles with figuring out how to channel all of that ridiculous energy…sooo a lot of the time it comes out it in the form of jumps. Since Tripp doesn’t have thumbs and therefore can’t give folks a proper handshake, we are convinced that he thinks jumping is the equivalent of a handshake.

Q: If Tripp was any character (fictional or non-fictional) who would he be?

A: We always joke that Tripp is just like Fred Flintstone. Just like Fred, Tripp sometimes unintentionally creates chaos and can be a bit boisterous in personality, but he’s super devoted and loves his friends and family. His crazy energy may annoy some people, but it becomes endearing after a while.

Q: What flavor treat does Tripp go crazy for?

A: Tripp is a huuuggeee fan of the Super Smarty Hearties Salmon treats from “I and love and you” and has been popping them every day in preparation to ace his SATs. If there’s one thing that gets him to focus (and drool), it’s begging for that tasty snack! 

Q: If Tripp had career, what would it be?

A: Tripp would be an amazing store front greeter. He has great enthusiasm and would make every shopper feel important. Tripp just needs a warning sign: “may jump on you out of happiness.” thumbs! How else is he supposed to let everyone know how amazing and loved they are?!

Q: What’s Tripp’s favorite kind of kibble?

A: He loves the Naked Essentials™ Lamb and Bison from “I and love and you.” I’ve never seen his coat so shiny and his energy so full! We just switched his kibble recently and he’s even more excited to eat his dinner than before... which we didn’t think was possible!

Q: Tell me about a time when Tripp embarrassed you.

A: Just one? There was this one time when I took him to the dog park and he was sprinting around the park at almost 50mph. Well, with that much excitement, it was a bit difficult to come to a complete stop. He crashed right into my legs, so I fell face-first into the dog park dirt much to the amusement of everyone else visiting the dog park. 

Q: Summarize your relationship with Tripp in one word.

A: Chaos.