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Do Cats and Dogs Like Listening to Music?
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Do Cats and Dogs Like Listening to Music?

Leaving your pets at home can always be … ruff. While you’d much rather be squeezing in one more cuddle with your cat or game of fetch with your dog, Dolly Parton’s hit song will play on repeat in your head reminding you of reality.

It’s natural to feel guilty and want to entertain your cats and dogs while you’re out or at work making money moves. With Amazon’s Alexa and all of those other smart devices on the market, it’s never been easier. But while hours of non-stop Cardi B might be all you need to get through the day, it may not be the same for your pup or kitty.

Do Dogs Like Music?

It’s easy to think canines enjoy our favorite tunes just as much as we do with the number of viral videos of dogs howling along to chart-toppers and dozing off to guitar strumming out there. While howling doesn’t quite signify dogs’ love or hate of your musical taste, they actually do react to music the same way humans do, using the tone.

According to a study published by Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, each music genre affects pups differently. Classical music caused shelter dogs to stop barking and calm down, while heavy metal did just the opposite – resulting in more agitation and barking. Much like music can evoke certain emotions for us, it does the same for man’s best friend.

If your pups suffer from separation anxiety, we suggest you turn on this soothing playlist made by Spotify USA, sure to ease their mind.

Do Cats Like Music?

Famously known for being independent animals, cats can often seem indifferent to what’s going on around them, whether that’s your off-pitch singing in the shower or Lizzo blasting from the speakers. While they seem unbothered, cats gravitate toward rhythms and sounds much different than ours.

Humans produce music that follows similar heartbeat patterns and vocal frequency. But with different vocal ranges and heart rates, cats aren’t going to appreciate hit songs quite like we do. Less is known about the effect of music on cats, but don’t fret.

After looking into how animals communicate, researchers have been able to develop music specifically designed to please our feline friends’ sensitive ears. This cat-friendly music can be found on Spotify for the next time you’re leaving your tabby at home.

Looking to expand your furry companion’s music palate? Check out these pet playlists made by dog and cat owners here at “I and love and you.”