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Illustration of a playful pug with its front legs stretched forward and hind legs up. Behind the dog, a purple heart contains silhouettes of a person and a person with a skirt, all set against a purple background.
Pet Blog

The Facts on Dogs & Dating Profiles

When uploading photos for a dating profile, don’t worry about being outshined by your friends — it’s your DOG people are swiping for, according to new research. So, we decided to conduct a poll that examined the correlation of dating and pets in this modern age of swiping — and the love Americans have for their four-legged friends.

For starters, choosing which photos to include on a dating profile can be a make-or-break, and the survey found non-dog owners wanted to reap the benefits of a pet, too. The survey not only looked at the elements of a successful profile but also at relationships and how they can change when a pet is involved. “We believe pets are people too, so not only can a breakup be heartbreaking with your human partner, it can sometimes be even harder knowing you won’t see your furry companion every day,” said Lindsey Rabaut, VP of marketing at “I and love and you.” “We want the best for them, even more so after a breakup.”

Considering the love people have for their four-legged friends, it’s perhaps not surprising that 60% of respondents would prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with a pet instead of a partner. Of dog owners surveyed, 83% admit to craving extra love from their furry friend around Valentine’s Day. They want to return the favor, too, as the vast majority plan to do something special for their dog around the holiday. Check out the top results below! 

Even further, some owners might be planning to do something more permanent to show their love — they could join the third of dog-owning respondents who have a tattoo to show their love for their pet.

“Pets make the ultimate Valentines. They love us unconditionally year-round. One of our favorite ways to show our pets love is treating them to a delicious and nutritious meal,” said Rabaut. “Food is love for pets and humans. Maybe even give them some extra special love with yummy treats, cuddles and tummy rubs. They deserve all the love and attention in the world on Valentine’s Day — and every day!"