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How to Throw a Good Birthday Party for Your Dog or Cat
Pet Blog

How to Throw a Good Birthday Party for Your Dog or Cat

It’s time to pawty! Whether it’s your dog or cat’s actual birth day or his or her adoption day, there is always something worth celebrating when you have a furry friend. There are a variety of ways to make the festivities exciting for you, your friends, their pets and most importantly, the pet being honored. This will definitely be the party everyone will be talking about!

From decorations and cake to pictures and doggy and kitty goody bags, here are a few ways you can treat your beloved companion on his or her big day.

Have a Howling Good Time:

No one should be alone on their birthday, so invite all of your friends and their pets. If your pooch or kitty is a socialite, let him or her hang with other pets and just go nuts. This allows you to celebrate with loved ones while also letting your pet run and play with other four-legged friends. If you’re going to invite everyone, don’t be afraid to pick an appropriate location. For dog owners, literally let the dogs out at your favorite dog park or look into having a celebration at a dog-friendly restaurant or bar. Cat owners may prefer to celebrate by inviting their friends over to their humble abode.

Let’s Eat Cake, Cake, Cake: 

You love cake. We love cake. Even dogs and cats love cake. Whether you buy it or bake it, dog-friendly pupcakes and cat-friendly cakes are a fun way to celebrate a first, fourth or 15th birthday. Your dog or cat can go to town on a delightful dessert that is perfectly safe for him or her to eat. Just make sure you pay close attention to the ingredients – dog-friendly ones include peanut butter, applesauce, bananas and pumpkin puree; cats enjoy tuna, salmon, shrimp, shredded cheese – and ensure the recipe is safe to avoid any nutritional faux paws. Even before you put in the work, test what flavors your dog or cat likes best. Once you’re in the kitchen, turn up our Baking Care of Business playlist to really bring out your inner Chef Curry.