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A group of dogs wearing scarves outdoors in the snow.
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Enrichment Activities for your Dogs

This post is written by our partner, Kelly Bove. Follow her and her pups on Instagram @Kelly_Bove.

With the weather quickly getting colder it’s time to start thinking about all the fun you can have when you’re stuck inside! Don’t let the chilly weather get you down! Check out the different ways to keep your pet occupied this winter.


1. Food puzzle toys!

For those food-motivated pups puzzle toys are an amazing outlet to help keep them mentally stimulated when you’re stuck inside. Some of our favorites are snuffle mats, food dispensing balls, and Toppl toys. With snuffle mats, you can hide your pet's food or treats throughout the fleece and let them use their nose to search for it. Treat dispensing balls are a good option for pups who need to be kept busy and out of trouble- you can fill it with one of their meals and let them take their time getting it all out.  Our last favorite is Toppl toys filled with some yummy Stir & Boom, Irresist-A-Bowls, or any delicious wet food. Stuff the toy with your pup's food and then freeze it for a few hours (or even overnight). Once frozen, it's time to let your pups enjoy their tasty treat. 🐶

 Snuffle Mat Food puzzles for your dog

2. Play Some Games!

If your pups love to play like ours do, games are the perfect way to burn some energy! If you have the room inside, you can teach your dog to fetch (if they don’t already know how). We also love to play hide and seek in the house. Our pups love to run around searching for us. If you don’t want to hide yourself, you can instead hide some treats and let them use their nose to find them. Hide and Seek with your dog


3. Train A New Trick!

Not only is training fun, mentally challenging, and a great outlet to burn some excess energy, but it also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your pup. The possibilities are endless when it comes to all the adorable tricks you can teach. Check out my blog, 4 Helpful Dog Training Tips & Tricks, for some ideas! If you’re not into training elaborate tricks, spending some time reinforcing the behaviors your dog already knows is another great way to release some much-needed energy!


4. Sign Up For a Training Class!

If the weather allows it, signing up for a training class is another excellent option to help brush up on their obedience and also allow them to socialize and have fun with other dogs. It gets you both out of the house and having fun! Depending on where you live, there is such a wide variety of classes you can sign up for ranging from using their noses to search out rats in barn hunt, testing their athletic ability with agility, obedience, and even swimming! 

Train a new trick 

5. Get Out In The Snow!

If your pups enjoy cold weather you can take them out for a romp in the snow! Make sure they’re properly dressed for the occasion- depending on the temperature outside they may need boots to protect their pads and a coat to stay nice and warm.

 Play in the snow with your dog

Help keep your furry friends happy, entertained, and having fun all winter long! 🐶