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A basset hound stands on its hind legs, appearing to sing into a microphone. The background is illustrated with music notes, stars, and a bow drawn above the dog's head, giving a playful and musical theme.
Pet Blog

Office Pet Playlists

Our office pets are constantly fighting over who gets to control the office Sonos speaker, so we had to do something about it... Here are the playlists they picked to play when it is "their turn" (first to get there in the morning).

Penny 'The secret to seriously fluffy abs'

Now you, too, can have seriously fluffy abs when you follow my 30 day program, eat "I and love and you" treats, and listen to this playlist on your daily walks with human. Listen to the whole thing and log 9,709 steps! Fluffy Abs Activate!

Ruby 'Solitude with Attitude'

Some prefer concerts to enjoy music socially, while others like Ruby lock themselves in their rooms and sing along to "Dog Days Are Over" with Florence Welch at the top of their lungs. Neither is wrong, but this playlist is for the introverts. Psyched to stay in on Saturday night? So is Ruby.

Desi Hittin' the Clubs

There is a reason why Desi is so excited to leave work on time. She needs to get home and get ready for her evening. Every minute she works late is another minute she could be spending getting her outfit just perfect. These songs help her to get in the zone for another night on the town.

Henry Hound Dog Blues

Is it cliché to listen to blues music when you are hound dog? Maybe, but Henry doesn't care. It's a tough life when your sister Desi is blasting Hit Me Baby One More Time on repeat and you have to share a crate on the family road trip.

Gus Rollin' in the Mud

Gus hates to be clean, which means he loves some dirty jams. From the funk of George Clinton to Jimmy Page guitar licks, this playlist reflects his desire to surrender his soul (white coat) to the rock gods.

Max The Short List

No, this is not a short list of songs. This is a playlist to celebrate life close to the ground. Max knows there is nothing wrong with being short... except when you can't steal food off the counter, or jump on the bed, or ride the big roller coaster. Okay okay, I wish I was a little bit taller...

Kitza Cuddlez

When you are a cat looking for some cuddling, don't expect that your human is in the same mood. Any cat knows to run and hide when they hear Ted Nugent's 'Cat Scratch Fever' come on the turntable and your human gets that cat-nip look in their eye. Play this mix instead for purr-invoking scratches.