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7 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

October 29, 2020

7 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

If you ever needed an excuse to dress up your pet, Halloween is it. We’ve culled some tips for keeping Halloween fun and fearless, for you and your furry family member alike. Trick or treat, y’all!

Tip #1: Carry Your Identification

Whether you're passing out candy at home, trick-or-treating as an entire family of Incredibles, or coordinating pet-and-human outfits (Darth Vader and a barky Yoda, anyone?), make sure your pets are wearing their current I.D. tags and have microchips with all your current info, just in case!

Tip #2: Candy Is Not For Pets... But Treats Are!

As a general rule of thumb, you should always be careful when giving your dog “people food.” The human treats you should always avoid are listed below.


While you may love raisins as a healthier alternative to candy, you may wonder “are raisins bad for dogs?” You should never give your four legged trick or treater any raisins or grapes, as they can be toxic to dogs.


Sugar-free candy may seem healthier, but xylitol and dogs do not mix well at all. This sugar substitute is especially toxic to them, and you should never give your dog any food with xylitol listed as an ingredient.


As much as humans love this confectionary delight, chocolate is not meant for dogs and can make them seriously sick.

Bottom line:

As tempting as it may be, do not share your trick-or-treating candy haul with your pet. Besides, they would definitely prefer Jerky Bites instead. Bone-a-pet-treat!

If you suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, make sure to call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 immediately.

Tip #3: Be A Visible Pet On Halloween

To avoid a dangerous faux paw (get it?), use reflective vests or light up collars so your Batdog can be easily seen in the dark. Safety purrst. Err, first. Bonus points if you dress up in matching headlamps!

Tip #4: Halloween Is Not For Every Pet

A constant cacophony of doorbells and little hands banging on the front door can be frustrating and even a little scary for some pets. If your pet gets anxious, put them in a quiet room for the night and turn on their favorite movie or drown out those agitating sounds with a calming Spotify playlist.

Tip #5: Hold A Dress Rehearsal

Like any big event, make sure to do a dress rehearsal. Don’t wait until the big night to put your pet in a costume for the very first time. It’s much better to suss out and fix any frustrations for your pet beforehand.

You can even introduce their costume to them in stages. For example, if you’ve got a full on hula costume in mind, put your pup in the grass skirt one day, the coconut bra the next, and finally, the brightly colored flower lei.

Of course, if your pet boycotts the costume altogether, remember that they’re precious enough without any extra decorations (but feel free to go nuts on an adorable leash or extra cute collar).

Tip #6: Keep Your Buddy Close

The buddy system applies to Fido, too. While your pet may be used to hanging out in your yard solo, Halloween night is another story. The combination of new people, costumes, and general Halloween shenanigans may overwhelm your pet. They will be much better off trick-or-treating with you or hanging out indoors, away from all of the miniature ninjas, princesses, and unicorns.

Tip #7: Halloween Decorations Are Scary (Really!)

Halloween decor can range from stretchy spider webs to elaborate props that jump, light up, and scream. Don’t leave pets unattended with anything that can put them in danger (i.e. electrical string lights, jack-o-lanterns with real flames, or that huge bowl of candy corn.)

Follow all these Halloween pet safety tips to ensure your best Halloween yet! If you’re dressing up, make sure to post a photo on social and use the hashtag #ILYhalloween so we can share the love!

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