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Should I Get a Second Cat?
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Should I Get a Second Cat?

Cats have a notorious reputation for being feisty, but that doesn’t stop anyone from wanting to adopt just about every one out there. Cats are solitary creatures and hunters, so they’re just trying to survive in the wild just as humans try to do on a daily basis. But, while humans can function well independently, there are times when another human connection is necessary. The same is true for cats, which actually benefit from having another four-legged comrade in their space. Don’t just trust us — the APPA’s 2018 survey noted the average number of cats owned per household in the US is 2. Can you believe it?

These feline creatures need a little bit of physical and mental stimulation. Because of this, cats actually form bonds with what is to be referred to as preferred associates. With their preferred associates – typically other animals, but sometimes you − cats will groom and play all day long. You could almost say that cats are the Kanyes of the four-legged kingdom − ain’t nobody messing with their cliques.

However, before you get comfortable with the idea of introducing yourself to new friends as the cat parent of two, you need to know what you’re getting into. Casting for your own personal show of Cats, The Musical in your household could have certain ramifications, so here are some questions you should be asking yourself: