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The Top 10 Dog & Cat Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online
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The Top 10 Dog & Cat Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Online

Trick or treat, smell my... paws?

It's that time of year. You and your 4-legged best friend have been invited to a Halloween party but your mind is drawing a blank on their costume! We made it easy for you with this list of guaranteed** costume-contest winning get-ups that you can buy online. 

Don't forget to be stocked with treats for your canine trick or treaters! Shop now and ship them right to your house.

Creep it real this Halloween! If you've got it, haunt it!

**By guaranteed we mean your chances will be really awesome... especially if you bribe the judge with a couple of bags of Super Smarty Hearties.

The Best Halloween Costumes For Cats

The Classic

Feeeline wicked? Let's start with a classic Halloween costume. Do you have two cats? If they both dress up as witches... they'll be broommates!

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The Swashbuckler

Hide your gold, hide your cat nip! Captain Cat Sparrow is commandeering your Halloween candy and burying it in the litter box!

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The Pump-Kitten

It's David S. Pump-kittens! Whatever you are, you will spice up the room with this pumpkin costume. 

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The "I refuse to dress up" Cat

So maybe you are ready to admit that your cat will probably only wear their costume for 15 seconds? This costume should last just long enough to get that perfect Instagram post. SIT STILL PURR-INCESS!

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The Palindrome

Still not sure how to dress up your cat for Halloween? Follow @mycatdennis for more inspiration. Apparently, everyday is Halloween for Dennis. Hey Dennis, what is Tacocat spelled backwards?

The Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs

The Sci-Fi Nerd

Your dog, I am. Trying to find my bones? You are looking in Alderaan places. Just be prepared to run into an old curmudgeon-y guy dressed up as Luke Skywalker and asking about "The sacred Jedi texts!"

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The HOT Dog (get it?)

Oh, Hot Dog! This barkin’ costume is allows your dog to be a dog…. a hot dog! Just don’t forget the condiments! 

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The Rockstar

Did your dog just see the Freddie Mercury movie and can't stop singing We Will Rock You? This is the costume for them. 

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The Name Correction

Tired of being called a long boi? This special costume for greyhounds is a reminder that the bus service was actually named after our speedy four-legged friends. At least they can aspire to be as fast as a greyhound dog.

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The Chow Hound

Some dogs just aren't meant to wear costumes. This costume is just enough to collect biscuits while trick or treating, without having to deal with that crappy elastic band on your facemask.

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However, if you choose to dress up this Halloween, don't forget to snap pics and definitely don't be the house without dog treats! Shop Now