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What Type of Dog Leash Is the Best to Use?
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What Type of Dog Leash Is the Best to Use?

Not all leashes are created equal, and the best dog leash for your pup depends on a lot of factors. Age, size, breed, shape, and level of training all play a part in determining the ideal selection. In addition to keeping your dog safe, leashes are also mandatory in many places to help keep the general public safe, as well.

Different Types of Dog Leashes

Dog Leash Styles

  • Standard leash: Used for everyday walks.
  • Retractable leash: Provides extra freedom of movement.
  • Adjustable leash: Easily converts to different lengths when needed.
  • Martingale leash: Adjusts to prevent pulling and ensures a tight fit.
  • Multi-dog leash: Combines two leashes into one.
  • Biking leash: Used to safely go biking with your pup.
  • Seatbelt/safety leash: Used in the car to keep your four-legged safe and strapped in..
  • Umbilical cord/hands-free leash: Used for walking, hiking, or potty training indoors.

Dog Leash Materials

  • Nylon: Best used with puppies, as they are less likely to pull the leash and cause a friction burn on your hands.
  • Leather: Very comfortable to grip, and easy to hold. Leather leashes don’t tangle like nylon or chain leashes.
  • Chain: Durable, best for dogs who love to chew their leashes.
  • Reflective: Provides an extra layer of safety when walking your dog at night.
  • Cotton: These are harder to find than other materials, and are best for dogs who like swimming, as cotton holds up better than other materials when wet.
  • Rope: This material has a bit of give in it, which helps prevent arm or shoulder injuries if your dog tugs too hard.
  • Hemp: Just like us, dogs can have skin sensitivities. Since hemp is odor resistant, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial, this is perfect for a sensitive canine.

When hiking, it’s important to have the right gear, like a hands free leash. If you’re local in Denver (or planning to visit soon for some socially distanced outdoor activities), check out these awesome trails for your next hike!

Dog Leashes for Training

Despite the old adage, you can teach a dog new tricks at any age, even when they are older! Don’t forget to reward Fido with a tasty jerky treat when they finally learn the trick you’ve been working on all summer.

Standard collars or head collars are best to be used with a standard leash when training your dog, as this will give you the most control. Ensure these fit properly, otherwise it can cause injury to your fur baby.

Never use a retractable leash when training your dog. These leashes give dogs too much freedom, which is the exact opposite of what you want while training. Additionally, harnesses are not recommended for dogs that pull on their leashes, as this can cause injuries.

Don’t forget about your own accessories! This fanny pack is great for holding treats and poop bags, making it perfect to use while training your dog.

Why Would You Use a Chain Dog Leash

If your pup is known for destroying every toy and has jaws of death, you may want to try a chain leash to ensure they don't chew through their leash. Make sure you watch your pup closely if they start trying to chew their chain leash, as this can damage their teeth!