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Delicious Pet Food for All Dogs and Cats
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We Make Delicious Options for All Dogs and Cats

Pets have preferences when it comes to food, just like people. Whether they’ll only eat their favorite kibble or they want the full buffet experience, “I and love and you” has something for every pet.

Say Hello to Inclusive Pet Food!

We’re pet people through and through, and if there’s anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s that every pet is different. Some dogs will nose dive into every mud puddle they see, and some will fake a limp if their toes get wet. Some cats sneak around like a ninja, appearing out of nowhere—and others are like a bull in a china shop. Those strong personalities translate into quirky food preferences, and we don’t want anyone to be left out of our dinner party.

The key to making sure every pet finds their favorite dinner is variety, variety, variety! We’ve designed our comprehensive menu with options to match every pet’s preferences and needs. Whether they will only eat the finest wild-caught tuna or they’re missing a few teeth and need soft, easy-to-chew food, we’ve got them covered.

Best of all, every one of our foods has top-tier nutrition AND drool-worthy flavor. They’re the best of both worlds! We keep our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Angie Krause, on speed dial to make sure that every food we make has all the vitamins, minerals, and extra goodies like probiotics and omegas 3 & 6 that your pets need to thrive. Our panel of independent and unbiased taste testers (read: our pets) make sure that every flavor is out of this world before it hits the shelves.

When every option is an uber-healthy choice, it all comes down to what your dog or cat is gonna love. Let us introduce you to a few of our favorite meals and treats—and guide you to pick the right noshes that’ll suit your one-of-a-kind pet. Think of us as sommeliers of pet food.

Meet Our Menu:

Irresist-A-Bowls for Dogs

What it is: Fresh, homestyle dog meals that look like they were just cooked up in a skillet—because they were. Helloooooo, hearty chunks of meat and veggies.

Who it’s perfect for: The pooch who’s always drooling over your breakfast hash! Seriously, the drool puddles on the kitchen floor are becoming a bit much.  

Naked Essentials for Cats

What it is: A high-protein, grain-free dry cat food that proves kibble doesn’t have to be basic—this one has pre and probiotics, baby.

Who it’s perfect for: The cats who like to keep things simple…A.K.A. the ones who like the box better than the toy that came in it.

No Stink! Bully Stix for Dogs

What it is: A 100% beef chew that’ll last your tough chewer more than 60 seconds AND won’t make their breath (or your couch cushions) stanky.

Who it’s perfect for: The dogs who just love to leave you little surprises hidden all over the house—like slobbery bones under your pillow and squeaky toys right under your feet.

Meow and Zen Hearties for Cats

What it is: Hearty chicken cat treats infused with chamomile, passion flower, and lavender to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Who it’s perfect for: The nervous nellies who are sent skittering under the couch by the vacuum cleaner. And knocks on the door. And you walking in the room…

Baked & Saucy for Dogs

What it is: A kibble made with farm-raised meat, sweet potatoes, and oh yeah, BONE BROTH. Feed it as dry dog food or splash a little water on it to create a saucy gravy. You’ve got options.

Who it’s perfect for: Those indecisive dogs who get stuck for a good five minutes trying to choose between their snuggly bear or their squeaky duck. Hard choices, buddy.

Feed Meow for Cats

What it is: Each pouch is a full meal of savory wet cat food with functional benefits for upset tummies, lackluster fur, and cats who could use a little pep in their step.

Who it’s perfect for: The cat who lets you know whenever there’s a problem very, very loudly. Is the bedroom door closed? MEOW. Is their toy stuck under the couch? YOWL.

Fresh All Rover Breath Bones for Dogs

What it is: A turkey and sweet potato dog treat your pooch can really sink their teeth into, ft. cloves and peppermint oil to keep their doggy breath fresh.

Who it’s perfect for: Those canine sloppy kissers who just love to cover you in drool right after eating the nastiest thing they could find on their walk. Thankfully, it’s easier to give a dog a treat than to subtly offer a human a breath mint.

Hair Meow’t Hearties for Cats

What it is: A chewy, bite-sized salmon treat with a healthy dose of omegas 3 & 6 to support healthy feline fur.

Who it’s perfect for: The uber-fluffy kitties who run for the hills when they see the cat brush, but will gladly leave you a surprise hairball for later.

This guide just begins to scratch the surface of all the pet dinners and anytime treats we have to offer! Check out our full selections of dog food and cat food, and you’re sure to find something that even the pickiest eater will love. Your pet will be licking their chops, and you’ll be their hero—or at least the person who can open the food bag. Close enough.