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Close up of a black cat's eye with whiskers.
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Why Do Cats Sit On Laptops?

Ah yes, the age old question: why do cats like laptops? (Ok so maybe it only goes back to the ‘90’s, but the quandary still remains.) What makes our portable computers such a cat magnet? 

Keep reading as we sort through this odd cat behavior, and offer tips & tricks to keep your favorite feline out of your work-from-home hair!

Why Does Your Cat Like Your Laptop?

When it comes to playing keyboard interference with your furry friend, it often starts out as an endearing habit, but can quickly grow to be a downright annoyance. The truth is, they’re often getting in your way for one of three reasons:

  1. Warmth
  2. Attention
  3. Height


We all know that a cat’s favorite place to snooze is one that’s warm and cozy. Laptops generate heat, so it’s no wonder your cat is prone to cuddling up by its side! While we know you don’t get the warm and fuzzies for a computer, it’s easy to see why a snuggle-seeking feline might!


When it comes to being the center of attention, cats rule the roost. So it makes sense - especially in our new work-from-home world - that cats would be drawn to the object of your nine-to-five affection. If you’re staring at it all day, all signs point to your cat jumping on board in search of your love and affection


Cats love heights and they love a challenge. If you work from a desk that seems like a prime spot for jumping, it may explain why your cat is so prone to seeking it out. Irritating? Yes. But hey, at least they’re getting some exercise!

How To Keep Your Cat Off Your Laptop

If your desk has officially turned into a cat laptop napping post, it may be time to strategize. Here are some ways to keep your furbaby warm, happy, and (most importantly) out of your way:

    • Keep them entertained. If attention is what they seek, try tossing some toys around or taking “play breaks” throughout the work day. Once their need for your love and affection is satisfied, they’ll certainly stay out of your hair. 
    • Offer them a warm spot to snooze. Since cats are often seeking warmth when they snuggle up on your computer, giving them a heated bed or spot in the sun near your work area can help to keep them happily snoozing solo. 
  • Don’t encourage bad behavior. Petting and cuddling with a cat who has staked a claim on your laptop only encourages bad behavior. We know they’re cute, but don’t give them the attention they seek - it will only perpetuate the problem.
      • Reward good behavior. When your cat snuggles up where they’re supposed to, reward them with a treat! Nothing will convince them to stay away from your desk more effectively than a delicious reward.
  • Offer alternatives. Heights are always going to be appealing to our furbabies, so keep them happily jumping away from your laptop, by providing them other places to leap. Offering places to play that satisfy their need for height is likely to keep them away from your desk.

  • While we know that everything your feline friend does is cute (well, almost everything) it’s important to set boundaries that keep everyone in your home happy! Put these tips to work ASAP so that your work gets done, and your cat stays happy!