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Ancient Grains: The Best Grain for Your Dog to Eat & Why

Since your pet is your baby, we know that you want to make sure they are eating and feeling good! We get your love because we feel this way too. That love is what we think about when we develop new recipes and formulas. We know you do your research regarding diet. You spend time reviewing all the hot topics, from grain vs. grain-free to canned vs. dry. Because of that dedication, we want to make all the options available to you when you’re selecting dog food. That’s why we’re excited to release our new grain-inclusive dog formula, Naked Essentials Ancient Grains Recipe. Your dog now can enjoy the same high-protein diet they’re used to while also reaping the benefits of ancient grains such as quinoa and chia seeds.

So Why Ancient Grains?

Similar to humans, successful canine diet plans vary from pup to pup. For some dogs, grains are a no-no, but for others, grains provide benefits such as keeping on weight and preventing loose stools. High in both fiber and protein, ancient grains are a great alternative to traditional grains such as wheat and rice. Why are they called ancient grains? It’s because these grains have remained relatively unchanged for a millennium. The original versions of these grains haven’t been genetically modified over time and taste the same now as they did thousands of years ago. They’re older than their grainy counterpart sliced bread and have maintained their nutritional value. Various ancient grains also contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Nothing Weird

We love keeping dogs happy and healthy, so our food contains no fillers (including corn, wheat, rice or soy), additives, or traditional grains. We deliver only the good stuff and nothing weird. We replace fillers like wheat and rice with high-protein, high-fiber ancient grains. And white potatoes? Never heard of them because they’re not in our food.

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Omegas and Tummy Support

Your dog might be a total alpha, but even alphas need their omegas – see what we did there? Omegas are fatty acids that are an essential part of a balanced diet. In our dog food, you’ll find Omegas 3 + 6 from superfood ingredients such as flaxseed and fish oils. Omegas help maintain your dog’s healthy skin and soft coat. Soon your pup will serve runway looks each time they go for a walk.

Our Naked Essentials Ancient Grain Recipe is also packed with our signature prebiotics and probiotics. They have been known to help soothe digestion issues, including bad breath, rumbling tummies, and gas. So that means less stomach growling and fewer late-night farts (we hope).

Real Meat First

Before ancient grains and omegas even come into play, our first ingredient is always real meat. Whether you choose the ancient grains recipe featuring lamb and beef or the version with chicken and turkey, you’ll know that high-quality meat is always a top priority. Ingredient numero uno. The only thing we’d ever consider putting ahead of it is love (awe).

We understand flexibility and options are important when selecting dog food, which is why we created our Naked Essentials Ancient Grains Recipe. Now you can get all the benefits of “I and love and you” dog food but in a grain-inclusive diet that has plenty of protein and zero fillers. All you have to do is pick a flavor.