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4 Fun Ways to Feed Your Cat Tube Treats

Have you ever tried feeding your cat squeeze up treats? These Go-Gurt-style tubes of creamy pureed proteins drive cats wild—and have the added bonus of adding enrichment into your cat’s snack time.

Here are four ways to feed your cat tube treats that will get them excited and help you bond with your best friend:

#1. Hand Feeding

The most popular way to feed squeeze ups for cats is straight from the tube just like you ate Go-Gurt as a kid—but your cat might need a liiiiittle extra help since they don’t have thumbs.

Tear that tube open and let your cat lick it straight from the top! If you have a cat who’s a little wobbly and has coordination issues that might make aiming for the tube difficult, you can squeeze the treats out into a dish to make getting a taste fool-proof. This method of feeding provides valuable time to bond with your cat with every lick.

Hand feeding can be especially helpful if you have a shy or nervous cat who’s still learning to trust you! The meaty smell of the puree is enough to tempt many cats out of their hiding places and eating straight from your hands teaches them that you’re the provider of very good things. That’s how a friendship begins!

#2. Lick Mats & Puzzle Feeders

Squeeze a tube treat into all the nooks and crannies of a lick mat or puzzle feeder to turn a simple cat snack treat into an opportunity for mental stimulation that can keep them busy all afternoon! Sniffing and licking their way around the feeder to find every last drop of their yummy treat plays on a cat’s natural instincts as a forager as they snack. Even better, feeding this way can work like a cat calming treat as the repetitive motions and engaged activity help to soothe anxiety.

#3. Cat Food Topper

You can squeeze out a tube treat right on top of your cat’s normal dinner to make it even more mouth watering! Adding this saucy puree on top of a food bowl full of kibble can make it more appealing to cats who prefer the meaty aroma of wet food.

It also adds hydration and can soften dry food, making this an ideal technique for senior cats and other pets with sensitive teeth who will appreciate a dinner that’s gentle on their mouth. Your cat will be licking the bowl to get every last drop!

(If you regularly add a topper to your pet’s food, make sure to adjust the amount of their staple diet they’re getting so they still get the proper amount of calories for their needs! Those extra calories can stack up if you’re feeding multiple times a day.)

#4. Distraction Dollop

Sometimes you have to convince your cat to do something that they don’t enjoy. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell your stubborn cat that trimming their nails is good for them—they’ll still act like a contortionist trying to get out of your arms! That’s where the distraction dollop comes in.

Need to wash something out of their fur? Put a dollop of squeezable treat on the wall of the tub for them to lick while you get the job done. Need to comb out a tangle in your long-haired cat’s fur? A dollop of deliciously distracting puree means you can get the job done with no wriggling whatsoever.

Our cats’ love of tube treats convinced us that we should make some of our own—and our chefs and on-staff vet decided to make them actually good for your cat too! That was the inspiration for Treat Meow Squeeze & Thank You: a line of pureed cat treats with real nutritional benefits.

Choose your cat’s favorite protein from a menu of tuna, sardines, and chicken lickable cat treats or pick a flavor to support their unique needs with Immune Support, Digestion Support, and Skin & Coat Support formulas. Or just grab a variety pack and try them all! Trust us when we say that your cat will be on board.

With so many ways to incorporate tube treats into your cat’s snack roster, you’re sure to find a way to feed them that gets your cat excited! Look forward to more happy headbutts and purring—and probably more attempts to break into the treat cabinet.