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A cat licking a small package of food, a hand holding a packet of seaweed, and a close up of a cat's eye.
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Why We Love Treat Meow Squeeze & Thank You Cat Tube Treats

Introducing Treat Meow Squeeze & Thank You: the tube treats for cats that are delicious AND good for them! Learn more about the benefits of all three vitamin and mineral-boosted flavors.

We know from personal experience that our cats go wild for tube treats—the creamy, pureed cat treats that are packaged just like a Go-Gurt. When we decided to make them ourselves, we wanted them to be the best cat squeeze up treats on the market!

That’s why we took all the good stuff from other tube treats (like bold flavors and interactive feeding) and added our own, vet-approved spin on the formula with top-notch proteins and vital nutrients to make a treat that can improve your cat’s health.

Every tube of Treat Meow Squeeze & Thank You includes:

    • Immune-boosting minerals: All Treat Meow wet cat treats have zinc, iron, and potassium to support a healthier immune system. 
    • Lots of hydration: Helps your cat meet their daily hydration goals thanks to the lip-licking good high-moisture content. 
    • Non-GMO protein: Every cut of meat is au naturale—just the way mother nature intended it.
    • Sustainably-sourced tuna & sardines: Delicious and responsibly-sourced meat that has high-quality vitamins, minerals, and heart-healthy omega 3s.
    • Prebiotics: Improve your cat’s digestion with natural plant fiber to help healthy bacteria flourish in your BFF’s gut and make your cat’s probiotics work even better. 
  • Pumpkin: Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and natural fiber to improve your cat’s wonky tummy. 
    • Omegas 3 & 6: These fatty acids help reduce inflammation and promote healthier skin and coat so your cat feels their best.

    Our holistic veterinarian Dr. Angie helped handpick the ingredients to create a treat that nurtures the mind and body. Better yet, these cat snacks are perfect for all ages. The silky smooth puree is gentle on the mouth, making them ideal senior cat and kitten treats. Another big added bonus is the fact that every part of their packaging is 100% recyclable thanks to our free recycling program with TerraCycle®.

    Because our chefs love more of a good thing, we went ahead and made three flavors and formulas of Treat Meow Squeeze & Thank You which each have unique nutritional benefits. You can pick the protein your cat prefers or choose benefits to address their nutritional needs. That’s right: these are like cat supplements and vitamins hiding in a mouth-watering little treat pouch.

    Immune Support

    This luxurious blend of tuna and sardines has an irresistible aroma and flavor that will have your cat trying to steal the tube to squeeze out every last drop! That fresh fish gives this recipe a natural boost of powerful antioxidant vitamins A and E for enhanced immune health. Meanwhile, the added minerals and hydration work to improve their health from nose to tail for a full body boost!

    As a feel-good bonus for you, the fish in this formula are sustainably sourced to reduce pressure on wild fisheries and allow natural populations to flourish. Forget treats being a guilty pleasure—these are treats you and your cat can feel good about.

    Digestion Support

    Say hello to the perfect temptation to boost even a picky eater’s digestive health: savory chicken lickable cat treats that will help to alleviate those tummy woes. Whether they’ve got a gurgling belly, way too many hairballs, or a habit of puking on the living room rug, this soft cat treat is coming to the rescue! A triple whammy of hydration, prebiotics, and bountiful fiber help to keep things smooth and regular.

    Skin & Coat Support

    A bounty of responsibly wild-caught tuna packs each tube of this delicious cat snack treat with a megadose of natural omegas 3 and 6 from fish oil to improve their skin and coat health! Get ready for smooth skin and fur so silky that you won’t be able to stop petting them (an added bonus for your cat). The benefits go more than skin deep as those omegas reduce inflammation throughout their body for a healthy, happy cat.

    Choose the flavor you know your cat will love—or grab a variety pack and try them all! You can feed these squeeze ups for cats in multiple engaging ways to increase your pet’s mental stimulation. Hand-feed your cat straight from the tube to build a stronger bond with your best friend or use them as a cat food topper to make dinner so scrumptious that they’ll lick the bowl clean.

    Here’s to more high quality treat time spent together with your best friend!