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A dog looking through a wet window with water drops.
Pet Blog

8 Fun Cat and Dog-Friendly Rainy Day Activities

We all love a bit of sunshine for our outdoor adventures with our furry friends, but let's face it, the weather doesn't always cooperate. So, what do you do when you're stuck indoors, and your pet starts bouncing off the walls? Whether it's the surprise showers in the desert or the all-too-familiar drizzle in Seattle, having a stash of rainy day dog activities and cat antics up your sleeve is a game-changer for keeping your pets both physically fit and mentally sharp.

So, even when the weather outside is frightful, inside can still be delightful with the right approach to keeping your pets happy. And hey, a little sprinkle of grain-free rewards and the best treats for dogs or healthy cat treats can turn a dreary day into a fun-filled indoor playdate

These 8 activities are dog and cat-friendly and will keep your pet’s undivided attention on you until they’re tuckered out and ready for a rainy afternoon nap!

#1. Treasure Hunt

Use your pet’s powerful nose to sniff out hidden treasures! Have your pet wait in another room while you hide their favorite treats or toys. When you let them in, it’s time for them to sniff out their prize! Start simple with easy-to-find locations and make the game more complicated as your pet gains confidence and gets better at finding the treats!

#2. Hide and Seek

It turns out that the games you used to play as a kid can work just as well with pets. Playing hide and seek with your dog or cat works best with two people and a pet.

One person should stay with the pet and have them sit and wait with commands or behind a closed door if they haven’t quite mastered “stay” (we’re talking about you, cats). While they count to ten (or higher if your pet is a good seeker), the hider should find a sneaky hiding spot. The moment they succeed, it's all about the celebration: think big praise and their favorite treats, whether it's the best treats for dogs or those irresistible healthy cat treats.

#3. Treat Ping Pong

This is another game for two or more humans and any number of pets to get moving and burn some serious energy! Position each person at opposite ends of your living space, each armed with a tempting stash of treats—grain-free goodies for the health-conscious pet.

When one human calls them, all the pets should go running to get treats and love! Then the other human player calls and the pets go racing across the house again to get doted on by another person. This back-and-forth action, especially if you can incorporate stairs into the mix, is not just a fantastic way to burn energy but also a brilliant way to reinforce recall commands in a fun and rewarding way. Keep repeating the game, ping-ponging your pets across the house—bonus points if they have to go up and down stairs!


#4. Roughhouse a Little

Mom always told us not to run inside, but we think those rules are okay to break on rainy days! Cats and dogs love to get a little wild with their playmates, and that includes you. Play tug of war with your dog or set new jump height records as your cat tries to catch those pesky feathers on a string. These indoor activities will get your daily workout in too!

#5. Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course for your pet out of things you have around the house. The promise of a treat at the end will have your pet weaving between plastic cups and leaping over cardboard boxes like professional agility dogs! The lure of a tasty grain free treat at the finish line will turn them into an agile athlete in no time! When they can nail the course, make the jumps a little higher and the maze a little more complicated to level up the challenge.

#6. Training Sessions

There’s no better time to teach your dog or cat a new trick than when you’re stuck inside! If your pet is high energy and hasn’t gotten their normal daily run, it might be better to work on a trick that gets them moving, like retrieving an object, rather than something which requires patience, like practicing “stay.” Throw in a couple of the best treats for dogs, and you’ve got some behavior that sticks!

#7. Puzzle Toys

Looking for fun activities for dogs and cats who are deeply food motivated? Food dispensing toys and puzzle games are just what the vet ordered! Set up a snuffle mat for them to sniff out their treats or keep them moving with a ball that dispenses treats as it rolls around.

#8. Get Out of the House

Staying inside doesn’t have to mean staying at home! Find pet-friendly indoor places to go with your dog or cat to add some variety to their day. Take your pooch to an indoor dog activity center or indoor dog park near you! Let your cat join you for date night at a pet-friendly brewery where they can charm neighboring tables while you sip your drinks.

Keeping your pet happy on a rainy day is all about fun indoor activities and spending quality time with your best friend. Round out your day with some good food and a cozy cuddle session to express your love in a language your pet definitely understands. Rain might just become you and your pet’s favorite weather!

P.S. Looking for even more indoor enrichment activities for your dog or cat? We’ve got you covered.