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Droolworthy food for your pets
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How to Jazz Up Your Pet’s Food in the New Year


You don’t want the same cereal for every single meal—so why would your pet want the same food every day? Add some variety to your pet’s diet for a more exciting and nutritionally balanced meal plan!

We’re committed to using higher quality, top-notch ingredients—food so good those bowls will be empty. We formulate all our foods with veterinary support and most of our pet foods are suitable for all life stages (puppies and kittens through senior dogs and cats). Our ingredients are listed right where you can see them, along with all the other information the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) says you should know before you buy pet food.

Best of all (as far as your pets are concerned), you can mix and match our pet foods to keep things interesting. Even the best dry dog food or cat food can get boring day after day, which is why we love to mix things up to feed our pets the variety they crave! Variety doesn’t have to mean expensive, either—you can jazz up affordable dog foods and cat foods with a topper that will bring a whole new life to your pet’s old standard dinner.

Here are a few of our favorite pet food combos and rotations we use to keep things exciting in our BFFs’ meal plans!

Meals for Dogs

The Meat Lover

Is your dog’s favorite place in the world right next to the barbecue, hopefully waiting for someone to drop something? We feel you, buddy. Bring that lovingly home-cooked flavor to their dinner by topping their superfood-packed Red Meat Medley Nude Food Kibble with the fresh chicken, beef, and veggie hash of Irresist-A-Bowls! The freshly cooked (yet shelf-stable) topper makes any dinner absolutely droolworthy and adds meaty chew to their standard kibble.

(NOTE: Large breed puppies have unique nutritional requirements and should wait to eat our Nude Food kibbles until they’re a year old!)

The Soup Girl (IYKYK)

If your very good girl or boy prefers a tender wet food over the crunch of kibble, we’ve got them covered! This dog can variety pack has two saucy stews—one lamb, one beef. Real, hearty meat is the first ingredient in each stew and is paired with a variety of freshly cooked veggies for flavor, texture, and balanced nutrition.

You can feed your dog one flavor for breakfast and one for dinner or let them choose their favorite each day! Whether you’re feeding a small-breed older dog who’s lost a few (or a lot) of teeth or an enthusiastic pooch who always tries to sneak a slurp of your chicken tortilla soup, dinner is sorted.

The Teether

Do you have an inquisitive puppy who treats the whole world like their charcuterie board? All that unlimited taste testing can lead to some serious tummy gurgles! Try pairing gentle-on-the-tummy Chicken & Lentil Naked Essentials Puppy Kibble with a Top That Tummy meal topper that tastes like meaty gravy and is specially formulated to support healthy digestion. This combo provides complete and balanced puppy nutrition while keeping them as regular as possible (which is a real blessing when you’re still working on potty training).

Meals for Cats

The Surf & Turf

If your cat’s favorite moment of the week is when you come home from the farmer’s market and they get to sniff all the fresh produce in the bags, snag a pack of wet food that will satisfy them with a variety of sustainably-sourced meat! This cat can variety pack features silky pâtés in beef, salmon, and turkey formulas. The texture makes every meal luxurious while the protein assortment will keep them excited for what comes next meal after meal after meal. Who knew healthy eating could be so sumptuous?

The Couch Potato Special

Being an indoor cat can be pretty cushy…and we mean that very literally. Cushy couches, cushy beds, and cushy laps mean they’re never short on places to snooze the day away! If their tummy is starting to hang a little too low, skip the strict New Year’s diet plan and opt for this Naked Essentials Indoor Health Kibble that offers complete nutrition and an entirely undetectable cut in calories.

Top that chicken and turkey kibble with a little scoop of Feed Meow Boost chicken shreds in gravy featuring a big boost of antioxidants and vitamins to give them a lil’ pep in their step and encourage more games of chase-the-laser-pointer. They’ll be getting a hearty amount of food that keeps them satisfied while getting them trim and healthy!

The Chicken or the Egg

The question isn’t which came first—it’s which your cat wants for breakfast! This XOXOs wet cat food variety pack features two chunky, saucy stews: one in chicken and tuna and one in tuna and egg.

The stew formula provides high-quality protein and boosted moisture to make sure your picky cat gets all the hydration they need (and usually don’t get if you don’t leave the kitchen sink on a tempting trickle). If your cat has ever snatched a deviled egg or tried to drag away a full rotisserie chicken…this variety pack is for you.

If you ask us, good food should be exciting—and your pet’s food is no exception! That’s why we produce a whole range of delicious meal options for dogs and cats that will even keep picky eaters licking the bowl and coming back for more. Here’s to wagging tails, purring cats, and clean plates alllllll year long, friends.