Sphynx Cat Care: How to Bathe a Hairless Cat

October 11, 2021

Sphynx Cat Care: How to Bathe a Hairless Cat

When it comes to our pet BFF’s, the term “fur baby” gets thrown around a lot. But it’s important to show love for all of our little pals - furry or not! That’s why this week, we’re talking all things “Sphynx”. Keep reading for a how-to guide full of bathing & caring tips for our favorite fur-free friends. 

How to Care for a Sphynx Cat (Hairless Cats) vs Furry Cats

While caring for a hairless cat may initially seem like a hair-free walk in the park, they require a special type of care: from tending to their skin, to keeping them warm, to staving off acne (yep, you read that right: acne!).

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to hairless cat care, plus a step-by-step bathing guide!


Cats with fur don’t require a goodbathunless they’re stinky, or as instructed by a vet. But a Sphynx requires a little more TLC. To help cleanse away a buildup of natural oils and stave off blackheads and acne, they should be bathed once a week with warm water & hypo-allergenic shampoo. 


Every cat requires a nail trimming, but for a Sphynx it’s even more important! They lack the fur that protects their skin from abrasions, meaning an unintentional swipe from a sharp claw could lead to an infection - so keep those nails in check! 

Winter Care

Furkeeps a typical cat companion warm, so in the winter months, a Sphynx requires extra attention. Be sure to provide blankets, cat clothing, or a warming bed (with supervision), and remember that extra layers may lead to the need for extra baths.

Summer Care

Fur also helps to regulate body temperature. While ensuring properwaterconsumption is key, a Sphynx also needs a place to cool off from summer heat. Be sure that they have access to an air conditioned room, fan, or cooling bed during hot summer months. 

Hairless Cats Step by Step Bathing Guide

  1. Pick a shampoo -  we recommend sticking with a mild shampoo. Look for something that contains colloidal oatmeal, is rich in moisturizer, and free of harsh detergents. If a pH level is listed, look for one in the neutral range, around 7. 
  2. Fill the sink with warm water that rises to your cat’s belly, and place a mat/towel in the sink - this will keep them from slipping and sliding.
  3. Calm their nerves by shutting off TV’s and other unnecessary noise - but a soothing song for bath time never hurts! 
  4. Gently place your cat in the bath - back feet first, then front, then their bottom, and lastly their front, avoiding the head.
  5. Wet a washcloth and get them wet all over.
  6. Gently wash your cat from the neck down, avoiding the head, using short, firm strokes. 
  7. Wash their feet - gently pressing on the toe pads to expose the claws, and cleaning in and around the pads and base with soapy water. 
  8. Wash around their eyes - they lack eyelashes to protect their eyes, so it’s important to clean away dirt near a Sphynx’s eyes. 
  9. Use a cup to gently rinse soap away, avoiding the head and eyes.
  10. Keep them warm and happy - dry them off quickly and keep them warm until their body temperature regulates itself. A littlepost-bath treat is always a hit, too!

We hope this how-to guide instills confidence in our beloved Sphynx owners! Happy bathing, and don’t forget to check out our favorite foods for your growing pet!

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