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Close up of a cat's eyes and nose in a collection from I and love and you.

Senior Cat Food

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A bag of cat food with a black cat and Naked Essentials Hairball Care Salmon + Whitefish product details.

Naked Essentials Hairball Care Salmon + Whitefish

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Senior Cat Food

While aging is a part of life (or nine lives), your cat still deserves the best. Free from fillers and by-product meals, our senior cat food contains prebiotics and probiotics for healthy digestion.


What Is Senior Cat Food?

Senior cat foods tend to be lower in calories while still supporting your kitty with a balanced diet that helps them stay active. Feed your elder feline delicious food that'll have them purring in satisfaction — at "I and love and you," we use real meat and zero fillers. Pamper their palettes with everything from Savory Salmon Paté to Chicky-Da-Lish Stew!

Types of Senior Cat Food

At "I and love and you," choose from options such as treats, kibble, and wet canned food!

Senior Wet Cat Food

Should senior cats eat wet food? Wet food can definitely be easier for older cats to eat! Chewing dry food can be difficult for older cats, so canned food is an option for cool cats in their golden years. Food with higher water content is also helpful for kidney support. No need to sacrifice flavor or nutrients — "I and love and you" grain-free senior cat food contains whole meat as well as real fruits and veggies.

Senior Dry Cat Food

Elderly cat food doesn’t need to be exclusively wet cat food. Dry cat food can be the cat's pajamas with some water to soften it! Our kitty kibble also contains real meat and veggies plus prebiotics and probiotics to aid with digestion.

What's the Difference Between Senior Cat Food and Normal Cat Food?

Many cat parents know that kitten food is denser in calories and nutrients, but is there a difference between senior and normal adult cat food? In short, food labeled for cats of all life stages is suitable for older cats. To be sure, talk with your vet to feed your aging cat the proper diet.